Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yummy Sunday: leche flan

I oftentimes cooked Leche Flan for my children but it's not really smooth. They would always tell me, "Mom, the next time you cook puto, don't make it too sweet."
So upon seeing smoothest leche flan recipe
from Dishes By Pehpot, (and we drooled over the photo in her blog) I immediately bought the following ingredients: 8 egg yolk, Alaska evap and condensed milk, brown sugar, white sugar.

I followed the recipe and procedure carefully. Now, let's see the result..

with lights on..

and the words from my food tasters..

"Maybe the sweetest, but not really the smoothest because I've tasted bits of sugar from the syrup. "

But Leche Flan was all gone in a day. They love it and will cook again next weekend. If not because of new found recipe, I wouldn't make it perfectly, I mean almost perfect. I'll cook the syrup well next time. But aside from bits of sugar from syrup, my Leche Flan was just as smoothest as Dishes By Pehpot. :D

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Quilt Works said...

Fantastic! I am drooling as I am reading :)))

You've been tagged!
Hope you will have a chance to visit too!


kimmyschemy said...

wow! looks really yummy. i love leche flan myself, can't make one, though, hehehe...

wenn said...

simply yummy!

gemini said...

WHoaaa! am hungry, this one is one of my to prepare one too. Welcome to my YS today!

Cecile said...

that is one of my fave dessert, love it...

Kero said...

you want a smooth recipe? try using only the egg yolks. with condensed milk and no sugar at all. except for the one you melt for the pan

hope you can visit my entry here

pehpot said...

naku ate you need to caramilize the brown sugar at todo lamas talaga sa mixture hehe

anyways, post mo na ung major sponsor namin para qualified ka na.. andito po ung codes:

Bogie said...

Congrats for a job well done! :) Looks yummy!

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