Monday, February 15, 2010

Camp Activities


Aside from astronony seminar, swimming, zoo viewing in the camp that my daughter had attended last week, she and the rest of the club members had a chance to play around the camping area.

Just imagine how tiring that activity that a three-seater in a bus just turned comfortable as queen size comfy bed for them. The one in green shirt is my daughter with her head in my lap. I couldn't move a bit as I have cramps in my legs but I managed to take a shot for documentary purposes. :)

my entry for MYM.
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Lucy said...

Looks like the children had fun and mom too! A sleeping child on your lap is a memory that doesn't fade quickly and I'm glad you took the picture!

wenn said...

love the slide!

Kim, USA said...

Kids love to have fun.

Ice sculpting

Linnea said...

They did have fun, didn't they. Funny how they all zonk out at the end of the day!! Thanks for stopping by at my MYM post.

Jazzbumpa said...

All that fun, and yellow, too!


Eds said...

ang sasaya naman ng mga bata! kakatuwa sila.

EJ said...

Wow these photos showed how much they enjoy the event.

gemini said...

great pics and great day for all...visiting again.

Dhemz said...

oh my...lots and lots of action....ehhehe! kaya ang resulta....tulog to the MAX...ehehhe...looks like fun naman talaga....:)

musta po ang celebration nyo sa Valentine's day te? kami we had a simple celebration lang..nothing fancy...crisis!

salamat po pala sa dalaw at comment ha...ingat po!