Sunday, February 15, 2009

My very special valentine..

Nothing is more special that spending valentine's day with truly special..

Theme: Hamon ng Pagkakaiba-iba: Pananagutan, Kasama Ka
"The Challenge of Diversity: My Accountability"

at 7:30am, we were already at UP Balara, I thought earlier that the event will be at Eco Park. Nevertheless, still a good place..

"Handog Pagmamahal at Camp Pagibig"

sitting on a grass ground

while others were looking around, Rosalia quickly made a very nice pose when she saw me about to click my camera.

helping rosalia on her way up..

from the hand of a special, an artwork comes out naturally that voices out what's inside their heart and mind

another piece.. i must admit i really can't draw one like this..
i am but an amateur photographer.. :p

meyz posed after a camera with other classmates.

other kids were busy

and meyz was reading something.?

colors.. colors...

looks like beads...
made out of colorful rolled paper
bringing out the creativity in every child

games... games..
hulla hoop...

she's a jolly person.. giving out all her dance steps

away from the rest of the crowd with her 2nd cup of cookies and cream mcflurry..

a ground sit just before the mass around 6pm

from behind.. where else??

interpretative dance.. "tao, lupa, hayop, bagay, magkakaugnay...

"ang tanging yaman"

as they danced with their own production number

campfire being lead by QC Mayor SB, and gave a short inspirational message..

there were some fireworks disply.. the event ended with candle lighting at the pool...

It was a very special valentine for me, more so very inspiring.
So what makes your valentines day special?

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