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Michelin and the Porsche 918Spyder 9figures, 1 record, 8key messages

On September 18, 2013 (9.18.2013), production began of the new Porsche 918 Spyder. Michelin will be the sole tire supplier for this new hybrid supercar, of which 918 units will be produced.

The MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 is built with the same tools for racing tires, and offers stability, sporty agility and grip that delivers optimal performance even in high temperatures, and harsh road conditions.

The following is a look at the figures, records and special features of the Porsche 918 Spyder and its tire partner the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 :


 1 tire, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2, certified for use around the world.

 1 global tire supplier for the Porsche 918 Spyder:Michelin.

 2 sizes:265/35-ZR20 for the front wheel and 325/30-ZR21 for the rear.

 3,672 (918 x 4) very high performance Michelin tires will equip this supercar, of which 918 units will be manufactured.

 887hp. The car's horsepower, provided by a 608hp internal combustion engine and two electric motors that deliver 115 and 95 kW.

 340 km/h. The car’s maximum speed.

 3.3 liters/100km. The fuel consumption for this premium sports model.

 79 of CO2/km. The level of carbon emissions, thanks to the model's hybrid powertrain.

 1,280 Nm.The torque that the Michelin tires transmit to the ground when the car accelerates.


 6.57 minutes.The record time posted by the Porsche 918 Spyder, fitted with MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, for 1 lap on the celebrated Nürburgring circuit, a total of 20.832 km, or 417 seconds of “extreme grip.”

8key messages about the technologies integrated in the record-setting MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire

A highly rigorous development program

 50 evaluations carried out during the certification process.  150 hours of tests on 5 circuits in Europe:The MICHELIN Research and Technology Center in Ladoux, France, the Nürburgring (Nordschleife) circuit in Germany, the Nardo circuit in Italy, the Idiada circuit in Spain and Contidrom in Germany.

 4,000 km driven on the Nürburgring circuit.

 550 prototype tires tested - 200 special series tires - 400 pre-series tires.

A co-development partnership dating back more than half a century

 1 tire manufacturer chosen by Porsche.

 10 years since the beginning of the cooperation project between Porsche and Michelin for the development of special tires for supercars. The partnership began with the Carrera GT in 2003, although the French tire maker and the German car manufacturer have worked together since 1961 on all models in the range.

A major achievement:delivering superior performance in three conflicting areas Performance on dry surfaces (especially on the track), energy efficiency and safety on wet roadswere the demands made by Porsche when developing tires for the 918 Spyder.In short, the performance required from Michelin’s tires perfectly reflects the features of the supercar, which, with its dual thermal and electric powertrain, combines sportiness and lower fuel consumption.

The new MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires developed for the Porsche 918 Spyder deliver outstanding performance in terms of sporty driving and energy efficiency, which results in less rolling resistance and enhanced safety on wet surfaces.

Used at very high speeds and on the track, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 must offerstability (meaning front/rear balance), sportiness (response time and agility), grip (for speed) and a rubber compound that performs well at high temperatures (enabling consistent performance, lap after lap).

To improve safety, the tire’s handling on wet surfaces was of course reworked.As a result, the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 provides stability, balance and grip on wet roads as well as improved resistance to aquaplaning, both lateral (when cornering) and longitudinal (caused by engine torque). The new MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 is characterized by:

Its tread rubber compound

Produced with the same tools used to manufacture racing tires, the tread compound for the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 integrates Bi-Compound technology, which involves the use of different rubber compounds on the inside and outside of the tread.The outer rubber is made with a high molecular weight elastomer whose hardness has been specially designed to deliver maximum adherence and outstanding dry grip on curves, especially on tight corners,while the inner side of the tire uses rubber made with a more rigid elastomer to ensure precision steering.

An aramid fiber belt

The main feature of the belt made with aramid, a high-tenacity fiber, is its heightened tensile strength.This composite is both light and highly resistant;in fact, it is five times more resistant than steel at equivalent weight.Positioned on the crown under the tread, the strip rubber is applied with variable tension between the shoulders and the center of the tire.It is tightened so firmly that it literally locks the tire structure into a practically inelastic belt.As a result, the tire’s shape is effectively preserved and its footprint remains constant, even at very high speeds.

The Track Variable Contact Patch 3.0®

This innovation is adapted from Variable Contact Patch 2.0 technology integrated in the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tire. It optimizes pressure in the tire's contact patch so the same amount of rubber is always in contact with the track, whether driving in a straight line or cornering, even sharply.

A new bead region

The bead region is 10% wider than that of a traditional sports tire.It is strengthened with a high modulus rubber compound that increases the tire's lateral stiffness and delivers sporty responsiveness as well as precision steering.

“Velvet” sidewalls

A special tooling process in the molds combined with the Group’s unique expertise has led to the development of MICHELIN Velvet Technology®.This solution has made it possible to create contrast and shades of black giving a velvet look to certain sections of the outer sidewall using micro-geometry techniques that absorb light.

Sébastien OGIER, Julien INGRASSIA: 2013 World Rally Champions, thanks to their MICHELIN Total Performance package

While speed, consistency and reliability are the ingredients that have helped the Volkswagen Motorsport duo on the way to their first world crown, the performance, strength and longevity of the tyres provided to them by the French tyre manufacturer proved valuable allies in their bid to claim the ultimate prize.

The 2013 season has been an extraordinary human and technological adventure which culminated in this weekend’s Rallye de France-Alsace which was won by the new world champions. From start to finish, they survived a treacherous cocktail of heavy rain and slippery stages, assisted by their soft-compound MICHELIN PILOT Sport S2 tyres which proved a match for the horrendous conditions and a level of grip frequently close to that of ice. They also enabled the drivers to showcase their car control even though the WRC regulations only permit 23 percent of the tyres’ tread to be grooved

Sébastien OGIER and Julien INGRASSIA (Volkswagen Polo R WRC) took full advantage of the potential of their MICHELIN tyres and, after figuring in fourth place for much of the rally, the French duo finally took the top prize at the finish on Sunday afternoon. With the nine-time world champion Sébastien LOEB (Citroën DS3 WRC) out of the running following an ‘off’ on SS15 (‘Vignoble de Cleebourg 1’), the Volkswagen driver had a free reign for the last 42kilometresof competitive action.

The 2013 Rallye de France-Alsace saw second place go to Dani SORDOand Carlos DEL BARRIO (Citroën DS3 WRC). The Spaniards were not eligible to score Manufacturers’ championship points for Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT, but they kept up the pressure all the way to the finish, a little more than a month after the Spaniard’s first world class victory on the 2013 ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

The French round of this year’s FIA World Rally Championship was also an important fixture for Jari-Matti LATVALA and Miikka ANTTILA (Volkswagen Polo R WRC) who were third in Alsace. Indeed, the Finns’ mission was to strengthen Volkswagen Motorsport’s advantage in the Manufacturers’ standings and their result helped the German make to extend its lead over its French rival.

Thanks to the victory of Sébastien OGIER and Julien INGRASSIA, MICHELIN has added to the eloquent record it has built up in world class rallying since 1973. The French company’s score now stands at 261WRC rally wins and 21 Drivers’ titles, while this is the first Drivers’ world crown for Volkswagen, coinciding with the first year of its collaboration with MICHELINat the sport’s highest level.

The 2013 World Champion praised the role his tyres have played since the beginning of the season: “I have been very happy with my MICHELINtyres which have been both competitive and reliable on all the types of surface visited by the championship. For wet asphalt, however, I think the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile should authorise the use of proper wet weather tyres.”

MICHELIN Motorsport directorPascal COUASNON and Jacques MORELLI,the manager of the French firm’s rally programmes, extended their congratulations to the Volkswagen Motorsport crew:“Congratulations to Sébastien OGIER and Julien INGRASSIA on behalf of the MICHELIN Group.They have produced a faultless run this season and we are proud to have played a part in their success. Bravo, too, to everyone at Volkswagen Motorsport. This is one of the world’s most competitive motorsport disciplines,yet they succeeded in taking their crew to the top by providing them with a competitive and reliable car out of the box.

“This was the last outing for Sébastien LOEB and Daniel ELENA, and MICHELIN wanted to show its gratitude by presenting them with our own trophy. While the drivers need good tyres to help them win rallies, MICHELIN needs good drivers to help its tyres to progress. The contribution that the nine-time world champions have made on that front in the course of their career has been extremely valuable to us.”

Meanwhile, the Manufacturers’ world championship has yet to be settled. Volkswagen Motorsport tops the provisional order on 342 points, followed by Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team (261 points) with two rounds remaining and 90 points still up for grabs.

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Why You Should Hire a Trusted Translation Agency

How many times have you received an offer asking you to try a  certain product but you  just ignore the item?   The reason you don't, is that,  you mistakenly  translate  the language  labeled in it.  You just missed a thousand worth of  opportunities because you  don't exactly understand what it's all about.  When this  happens to you,  hire a translator  so you won't miss a big time offer  that could have possibly changed your life.

What about when you were asked to submit certain documents and you were asked a copy of these important papers in different language. Would you do it yourself or hire a freelance translator to do the job? Certainly, things like these need a professional to handle the case. There are sensitive words that wrong translation could lead to a different meaning.

When you hire an individual to translate your documents, more or less you get what you pay for it. They may charge you a  big discount or  lowered price but you just risk your documents to a wrong translation. You cannot really depend such translator proclaiming they are good in this business.  Wrong translation may put you into trouble.  What you need is a reliable  translation agency to do the job.  If you are going to submit documents with native language,  you need  to have it sealed, legalized and certified by sworn translator.

Some documents that require  legal validity in foreign language are birth certificate, proof of  identity and other related papers from a legal translation agency to make it valid.

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Stay safe during downpours and thunderstorms

Three things increase the risk of vehicular accidents during rainy days: decreased visibility, reduced traction and how other motorists behave.

Reduced light and blinding rain on the windshield can greatly impair visibility.

Puddles and floods remove friction and can cause skids. Grease and oil that rise to the surface when it starts to rain makes the road dangerously slippery.

Heavy rains also cause many drivers to slow down or brake abruptly. And then there are the reckless drivers who still overtake or swerve and make other drivers lose control.

MICHELIN Tires, which are built with safety foremost in mind offers helpful advice to help you stay safe while driving in the rain:

Exercise utmost caution when it’s raining. Road conditions during stormy weather may confuse you. Drive a bit more slowly so you can react better to road conditions and what other motorists will do.

Anticipate when you need to make a full stop. Wet brakes are troublesome because they won’t work even if you step on them. Step on the brakes lightly even if you’re still some distance away. Then increase pressure gradually till you make a complete stop. After going through a puddle, step on your brakes repeatedly to dry your rotors. This will prevent you from skidding or losing control.

Don’t tailgate. Make sure you can always see the tail lights of the car in front of you. Better yet, make it a habit to see the whole car in front of you up to the bottom of its rear tires. You need distance to react to what the car in front of you will do. Tail gating even when it’s not raining is a bad idea.

Use your lights and signals. As soon as it starts to rain, turn on your head lights. If you can’t see the road ahead, turn on your hazard lights. Play it safe and honk your horn when passing another vehicle.

Avoid flooded areas if you can. Turn on your MMDA phone app and your AM radio to know where the flood and traffic are. If for some reason you find yourself in a flooded street, stay in the middle portion of the road. It has the least water build-up. If floodwaters are too deep, pull over or park somewhere. Don’t risk being submerged in flood waters or have your engine conk out. Play it safe by using the right tires. Some tire models are made specifically for rainy weather. Use these during the monsoon season to better avoid slipping, hydro-planing, and to get good traction on slippery terrain. Check out the MICHELIN Tire Selector online that can recommend tough, durable tires to arm yourself against the deluge. Visit www.michelin.com.ph for more information. And yes, always make sure you have an umbrella in your car.

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Safe summer road trips depend on the right tires

Lots of motorists will take road trips to their summer vacations out-of-town, and that extra long drive on unfamiliar terrain calls for checking your tires now more than ever. Prevent unwanted car problems and terrible accidents, by making sure you still have the right air pressure, tread depth and good condition for those tires. Below are other signs if tires need to be switched out, right in time for this season.

When your tire has a puncture.This is the most urgent time to change your tires. Punctured tires can immediately be spotted as this kind of damage causes the tire pressure to drop rapidly. This is quite dangerous when you are on the move and tires should be changed as soon as possible. If you're on the road, park the car on the side of the road in a safe place and change your tire with your spare. There is no compromise on this.

Worn Tire Treads.Tire treads provide the traction between the car and the road which helps prevent the vehicles from slipping out of control. Tire treads are also a good indicator of when you should change your tires. If your tire treads are worn, they should be changed immediately. Or else you stand the chance of careening on the highway, especially if the road is wet.
Sidewall Damage.The sidewall, as the name implies, is the side of the car tires -- the part of the tire you see when you're looking at your car from the side. Sidewall damage usually happens when you hit a curb during a turn, or when your tire hits a hard solid or sharp object that can damage the sidewall. When the sidewall is damaged, lumps can develop on your tires which may eventually lead to a tire blowout if they don't get changed right away. So heed the first sign of trouble, which is a less than perfect sidewall.

Abnormal Wear.Sometimes tires get worn out, seemingly without any obvious reason. Some tires wear out faster than the other tires in the car. This is most likely caused by improper wheel alignment. Improperly aligned wheels can cause abnormal, uneven wear on tires because pressure is not evenly distributed on the wheels. This condition is a good indicator of when you should get your tires fixed. As future preventive measure, always check the alignment to prevent abnormal wear from happening again.
Aging.Just like everything, tires will eventually age and deteriorate. Even if no major damage like punctures or uneven wear is visible on your tire, they still need to be replaced due to regular wear and tear. Look at your tires and see if the tire treads are still visible. If your tire looks smoother and resembles a life saver, that tire is definitely crying out to be changed. Some tires may also age faster, surprisingly due to heat from overuse and heat from a tropical climate, so be sure to look out for those signs of damage as well.

Selecting the right tire.Knowing the right type, size, season, and even function of the tire will let your car’s tires last their longest. It canlet you save on gas and ultimately prevent life-threatening accidents. One way to find the correct size and tire type for your vehicle is to look at the car manual. You can also check out the MICHELIN Tire Selector online that can recommend durable, top-quality tires based on the tire size, and even match it to the year of the car’s manufacture.Visit www.michelin.com.ph for more information.

Michelin, the leading tire company, is dedicated to sustainably improving the mobility of goods and peopleby manufacturing and marketing tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles/motorcycles, earthmovers, farm equipment and trucks.It also offers electronic mobility support services on ViaMichelin.com and publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases.Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin is present in more than 170 countries, has 113,400 employees and operates 69 production plants in 18 different countries.The Group has a Technology Center in charge of research, development and process engineering, with operations in Europe, North America and Asia.(www.michelin.com)

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Are you ready to travel?

I dreamed of traveling to Australia when I was young, or settle for good, in a place they call the "land down under", but fate did not allow me to do that. I guess I was destined to live somewhere else. I am still hoping someday I can visit there, even if it's just for a short vacation.

A vacation is an instant bonding moment for me and my family, and those precious moments brings us closer together. I always look forward for a vacation once the school year ends and summer time begins. Sometimes it becomes a big hassle when I don't have any idea where to book our vacation, or have zero knowledge about the place we want to visit. I just rely on word of mouth from my friends and relatives, and take a peek at their photos. The problem is, photos are sometimes deceiving. I really need a travel expert like http://eyton.com.au/ to make sure that everything is perfectly planned. Traveling has become much easier now, unlike before when I would buy a travel guide book or check a magazine stand for one that featured places, promos and tips. What I need to do now is just visit the site for Eyton, and all the information that I need will be provided in just one click! Amazing, isn't it? This is what I love about the generation now.

When you travel, do you want to go alone, with family or friends? Not all people want to travel with a group. However you want it, always make it the best moment of your life. So here's leaving you a quote from Mark Twain..

 “”Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

And here are a few tips when you travel:

When you travel, it is best to always travel light. Pack only things that are really needed. Before you travel, whether local or international, learn at least a word or two of their language, like "Thank You, Welcome, Good Morning" and other greetings. It will make the locals more comfortable with you. Bring a snack or drinks in light packs like coffee and tea. It will save a lot of expense. Do a little research about the place that you are going to visit so you are able to do some story telling to your kids while you're at the site. And last but not least, always smile whether you get lost or you missed a plane. It will not help you when you frown and worry will not take you anywhere anyway!

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Get the best Michelin Pilot Experience this 2013

Motorsport aficionados, rejoice! Michelin Tires Philippines is giving away a chance to watch and test drive premium racing vehicles at the Michelin Pilot Experience in Sepang Circuit, Malaysia this coming August.

A single-receipt purchase of any two Michelin Pilot Tires, like the Pilot Sport, Pilot Preceda and Pilot Sport Cup from March 1 to June 30, 2013 entitles a buyer to one raffle entry. Drop accomplished forms at designated drop boxes of participating Michelin dealers nationwide.

Five lucky winners from Luzon and five from Visayas and Mindanao will be selected on the draw date of July 12, 2013. The ten winners will get free airfare, hotel accommodation and other treats on a trip to Sepang Circuit, Malaysia plus full-on participation in the seminars and test drives of the unique Michelin Pilot Experience. This promotion is covered by DTI-NCR Permit No. 0889, Series of 2013. For more details about the promo, customers may consult the promo posters, visit any of the participating dealers or log on to www.michelin.com.ph.

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The City of Freedom, San Francisco

They say that San Francisco is a city of amazing diversity and stunning beauty. Well, I guess it is, even if I haven't been to there yet. Someday fate allows me to go, I would want to visit the city where freedom and openness are common words used to describe it. I want to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge and other spots that I have only seen in movies. I could describe the place as awesome. I know what the place looks like by seeing photos and taking a virtual visit.

When you plan for a trip to San Francisco, do you include your transportation plan and other related business? Getting trusted transportation is such a hard thing to do because you only want a trusted transportation company that will make you feel secure while you're there. There are plenty of choices in transportation, and when you search online you will see a lot of options that offer different rates, but you should only pick the ones that you really trust like San Francisco Airport Shuttle Service.

If you are planning to travel to San Francisco , you should get an airport shuttle sfo so you won't feel lost. There are some companies that only offers the exact route like shuttle to sfo, but you should specify what's included in your contract so you won't get lost and you know up front the fees you are being charged. If you want to check it out, see products here and compare the big differences. After all, it is security and comfort that you want, so don't book with a company that you are in doubt of. Riding public transportation can be dangerous sometimes because you may have to deal with various consequences. Public transportation picks up other passengers that will eat up a lot of your time, thus the chance of missing a scheduled flight could happen some of the time.

If you want the best rates, check it out and see why others chose shuttle to sfo service rather than take a cab or using public transportation services.