Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My two girls keep playing this song and the rhythm and lyrics caught me and I thought it's one of the 80s songs. I can already hum along with the song like my favorite 80s songs. When I googled it, I was right.. it sounds like Queen's or Prince of  80s.  Em right, but it's  the Madness by  Muse,  the English alternative rock band.

According to NME, "Madness" draws influences from Queen's "I Want to Break Free", George Michael's "Faith" and some instrumental elements of his other hit "I Want Your Sex".  During a preview on French site Jeuxactu, the song was said to resemble Depeche Mode and described as 'calm, languid and sweet'.   (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

I... I can't get this memories out of my mind.
And some kind of Madness,
Has started to evolve, mmn.

And I...
I tried so hard to let you go.
But some kind of Madness,
Is swallowing me whole, yeh.

I have finally seen the light.
And I...
have finally realized.
What you mean...
And now,
I need to know if it's real love.
Or is it just Madness,
Keeping us afloat, mmm.

And when I look back,
at all the crazy fights we have,
Like some kind of M-m-madness,
Was taking control, yeh.
And now I have finally seen the light,
And I... have finally realized,
What you need, mmm.
And now I have finally seen the end,
(I have seen the end)
And I'm... I'm expecting you to care,
(Expecting you to care)
And I... have finally seen the light,
(Have finally seen the light)
And I... have finally realized, (Realized)


Capture me,
Trust in your dream,
Come on and rescue me.
Yes, I know,
I can't move on,
Baby, you're too head-strong.
Our love is...

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