Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Draybers Band "Help" video

I' m a  fan of  Draybers Band. I posted an article few months ago about my favorite band who happened to live in my neighborhood.   Two months after posting the article, I saw my link  in Drayber's Band Fan Page. I was a little surprised and  didn't expect  it at all.   I posted  the screen shot  of  their page with  my link and message:   "Wonderful blog, thank you,  next time just approach us,  we don't bite." 
When I covered an event in Resorts World along with blogger friends, I told them that Draybers Band  regularly perform in the venue.  I tried to take a video but the guard stopped me for  security purposes. I was dismayed but nevertheless understood that they  were just performing their duties.  I just regret that I went home without a photo or  video of  the band. I've been telling my friends about  them and I want them to witness  how they actually perform live.
Anyways, hear is another video that I saw online.  Please watch their new video  "Help" Bring the Draybers to The Ellen Show.   I hope that the band reach their dream,  to perform live at the show.


kim said...

oh, isn't that cool? unfortunately.. i'm not familiar with the Draybers Band.. :(

chubskulit said...

Galing naman, i watched the video.