Monday, March 19, 2012

When Asthma Attacks

What to do when asthma attacks?

Below are some helpful tips and items that can help when asthma attacks.

My 13-year old daughter has been suffering from asthma since she was a little kid. She was confined twice in the hospital when she was young because of this condition.

Malunggay tea ( Moringa Oleifera) is a natural medicine for asthma. Although I haven't tried this yet for my older daughter, many attested that it works good among people who are suffering from asthma.

Nebulizer. Daughter uses this kind of treatment as prescribed by her doctor whenever breathing becomes difficult for her. She uses nebulizer at least four times a day or every two hours when needed.

Rota haler. She always carry this in her bag especially when asthma shows signs, ready to attack anytime. It is very convenient as it only needs one inhaling time and takes only a few seconds to finish.

Most people with asthma already know what to do as it shows symptoms first before it occurs. In my daughter's case, the sudden change of weather, polen, dust and warm weather easily lead her to a series of attacks. When the weather is too hot to bear, she stays indoor and switch the air conditioner into high cool when possible to make her breathing at ease. Having a 13-year old daughter with asthma, I already know how to manage and deal with it properly. Steroid was given to her once or twice when her wheezing was so bad. The doctor explained to me the many side effects using this kind of treatment.

People with asthma can live a normal life too. Just avoid everything that will trigger the asthma. It can be fatal if the condition is severe and when the proper medication is not given to the patient.

It isn't true that asthma stops when a kid reaches seven or when he/she becomes an adult. Maybe, attacks will be lessened but it is a kind of allergy that keeps coming back over and over again. The best cure is to prevent it to happen and keep away from things that will trigger the attack.

**Disclaimer. The information that I provided here is solely mine. No proper professional endorsement from a doctor.