Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Perfectly Failed

Posted here are photos taken inside Fort Santiago when we visited last December 30, Rizal Day. Almost a perfect day with perfectly failed photos at the park.

With one hand holding my 3-year old nephew and the other hand with a camera, it's quite impossible to take a perfect shot.

Posed for a wrong group and a wrong camera. It could have been my nephew's perfect smile if he only posed in the right lens of camera. lol
Could've been a perfect day with perfect shoes to walk in the park. It has already served its purpose. Let my sandals put to rest.
The souvenir items at the Rizal Shrine just saved my day. Ain't my outfit perfect for Rizal era? My blue polish and my new blue slipper. What a perfect match. Lol

Perfect pose served as a background.
Almost perfect with only half of the horse captured.

Oh my geesh, almost perfect for a whole body shot in slim angle.
So there. I'll post more decent photos in my next post.

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chubskulit said...

Hahahaha kakatuwa tong mga photos nyo sis! Nice family bonding too.