Monday, January 16, 2012

News from DepEd

Dep-Ed announced the new guidelines regarding suspension of classes. The new set of policies are definitely needed especially during these times where flooding and other calamities always come as a surprise. Read full story here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Online Betting

Are you fond of watching movies? If yes, what movies do you prefer? I bet it depends on your mood on a certain day. What about movies with some tricks? Some people love to try this kind of game. I have been watching lately the films where bet on sports are the highlights of the movie. I've tried once betting in a boxing sports but it was another kind of thing. Although, this is sometimes addicting, you surely will find yourself enjoying it and you won't even take notice of the time and the amount of money you have invested.

How about going online? If you are lazy enough to drive yourself out of your house  with ceramic tiles, you may try online betting on sports. You'll save enough time because all it needs is just a click of the mouse to get you into the game. There are some prominent personalities who are deeply involved in this activity. I swear, if given the chance, I surely would join the game too, why not? It is more fun and it will keep your mind active too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

World of Warcraft

Some people love playing online games. Oh well, they enjoyed it that much and get addicted into it. I must admit my online world consumed much of my time and sometimes I want to try playing games too. Blogging plus playing games would be so much fun I but I guess I need to be more organized first and do it when I'm not really busy or while my children are still at school. I was intrigued with this online game and thought about posting it here. Please see the graphics below and find out more about World of Warcraft.

Perfectly Failed

Posted here are photos taken inside Fort Santiago when we visited last December 30, Rizal Day. Almost a perfect day with perfectly failed photos at the park.

With one hand holding my 3-year old nephew and the other hand with a camera, it's quite impossible to take a perfect shot.

Posed for a wrong group and a wrong camera. It could have been my nephew's perfect smile if he only posed in the right lens of camera. lol
Could've been a perfect day with perfect shoes to walk in the park. It has already served its purpose. Let my sandals put to rest.
The souvenir items at the Rizal Shrine just saved my day. Ain't my outfit perfect for Rizal era? My blue polish and my new blue slipper. What a perfect match. Lol

Perfect pose served as a background.
Almost perfect with only half of the horse captured.

Oh my geesh, almost perfect for a whole body shot in slim angle.
So there. I'll post more decent photos in my next post.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Do you know about the prescription drugs that are being abused and its rapid increase in the past years? Please check this out and find out the study they made and the death rate posted in the graphics below.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Best New Wave Actor JM de Guzman

JM de Guzman truly deserved the award, "Best New Wave Actor." I've been watching "Angelito," where he leads this afternnon tele-drama and I could say that he really is a good actor who acts naturally in front of camera. It was my first time to attend the Metro Manila Film Festival awards night last week so I was excited and took all the photos I could get of some known showbiz personalities especially JM de Guzman for my nieces who are a big fan of this young promising actor. Congratulations JM de Guzman !