Friday, December 16, 2011

7 Photos You Shouldn't Post Online if You Lied to Your Life Insurance Company

Not much is to be kept private nowadays, especially when you make the choice to broadcast your life on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites and blogs. The reality is, that everyone can access private information about you at any time, whether you have "friended" them or not. Since social media sites are relatively new, there is much to be learned about what is appropriate information to flaunt, and what might be best kept among close friends and family. Kids aren't the only ones getting into trouble over Facebook. Adults, too, are now finding that companies can find out personal information easily, and use it against them.

Life insurance companies are an example of an agency that might be interested in someone's "status." Yes, they are checking up on clients to make sure the lives they are living match with the coverage they are paying for. Life insurance companies will notice those pictures of ski racing down a mountain, running a marathon, or perhaps you posted for weeks on end about your health problems. Buyers beware, and think twice before posting something that could damage the cheap life insurance rates you're paying now.

Extreme Sports

Unless you have notified your life insurance company about your tendency to participate in dangerous adventures, do not post pictures of anything potentially dangerous. Skydiving, whitewater rafting, hang gliding, or any other life-threatening activity might be considered dangerous by your life insurance company, causing them to up your rates.

Medical Procedures

Avoid posting pictures of any medical procedures that would put you in a higher-risk category.

Photos Showing Weight Gained

Life insurance will cost more if you are obese. If you lied about your weight, or gained a substantial amount of weight since obtaining your policy, do not post pictures that prove this.


Smokers also pay more for life insurance. Maybe you only smoke occasionally, or tend to quit and take it up again on a regular basis. When you signed up for life insurance, you were sure you were done for good. And then you weren't. Do not post pictures of yourself holding a cigarette for your life insurance company to find.

General Poor Health

Any pictures that paint a scene of general poor health, partying, or other unsafe behavior should also not be posted. If you have a series of pictured posted that paint you as someone who is engages in unhealthy or risky behaviors on a regular basis, this does not bode well for you or your reputation.

Occupation-Related Photos

If you changed to a high-risk career after filling out a life insurance application, such as police officer, fire fighter, construction worker, or other dangerous type jobs, avoid posting pictures of yourself hard at work.

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