Monday, September 19, 2011

Authentic Chinese Dishes at Comida China de Manila

We call it a "C " experience because of the many Cs that Comida China de Manila has. For others, it could be their comfort food or convenient dining. For me, Comida China describes many things in one word, countless! Countless, that I can't post here the many reasons why you should experience Comida China de Manila for your dining like we do, celebrating your anniversary, a grand or a simple celebration.

Their facilities are now upgraded and the food quality are enhanced yet their prices remain unchanged. You can dine in the finest Chinese restaurant with authentic Chinese dishes without having to leave the country and it's right here in Manila. The Comida Chefs only use the top grade and freshest ingredients for their menu. Comida dishes are authentic pre-war Chinese food of Binondo.

One of the facilities that I look for in a restaurant is the entertainment where the family can also enjoy the music inside the function room. ^-^

In today's age of technology, Comida China changed its name from Panciteria San Jacinto so that they can reach out to younger generations too. Then Panciteria San Jacinto, now Comida China de Manila , the restaurant name says it all!

The function room with Coca Cola collections caught my attention while we were at the restaurant while the other room has a few collections too which are really great for photo ops.

Fabulous Hallway from Main Dining going to the Function Rooms and Kitchen.

“It’s part of our mixed culture. The food itself and the names of the dishes are all part of our history. Perhaps through our new name we will be able to make younger generations become more aware and proud of our colourful past and the interwoven influences in our history,” Mr. Benny Torres said, the owner of Comida China de Manila.

Wifi is available for busy diners who can't stay offline for a while and those who work 24/7.

For more details about Comida China de Manila, Please visit Comida China de Manila on Faceboook or call 671-5942, 914-0832 and 914-0830.

My dining experience was simply remarkable hat I can still taste the Comida China Chow Mein during our last pig-out, I mean food tasting. I know I will be back very soon for these cravings and I will try again another menu. This time, with my whole family for a get together on one weekend. I want them to experience dining at Comida China de Manila.

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