Monday, August 15, 2011

Page Rank 3

This blog maintains its page rank for several Google updates. I am freaking blogging addict, yep, that this blog has sprouted into few branches, thus site with its own niche. (food, personal, fashion and general blog) What I love about this blog, even though updating seems to be as rare as rainfall on a deserted island, still it gained a higher rank. It seems that online world is loving me more with all the new discoveries and I am enjoying it so much and it gets me excited every time. There are always ideas out there to improve our work and ourselves continually. For example, anyone can take computer classes through online colleges that are flexible and affordable. The more you know, the bigger the pay-off.


kimmy said...

congratulations, nuts! mine were downgraded to PR1, both Kimmy Schemy and The Story Teller.. sad..

Jona said...

congratulations! hope you can join us at Sweet Saturday sometime. :D
have a great weekend!

kimmy said...

btw, left you a kiss, hope you kiss me back..