Monday, July 4, 2011

Facebook Unavailable

"Your account is temporarily unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes."
I got this message when I opened my Facebook account this afternoon. I got worried of course because some of my friends site were hacked. I thought that a serious problem is up in my account, maybe infected or hacked too.

After few minutes of trying, still the same message pop out in my site. I tried to Google the issue for some people who might have encountered the same problem too. It says that I have nothing to worry about because FB is just updating my account, doing some maintenance or facing a bandwidth issues.

My site came back after ten or fifteen minutes. So I guess, there is nothing really serious when you encounter this kind of problem unless there is a bigger problem in your site. You may try to contact the support and let them know the issue in your account.

Btw, I just visited Lovingly Mama and guess what? There's a guessing game going on in her site. All I need to do is guess how many colored balls does Dindin have? And my guess is 98.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

McDonald's Meal with New Coca-Cola Can Glass Series

Extra Excitement in your McDonald's Meal with the New Coca-Cola Can Glass Series!

The much-awaited Coca-Cola glass is back at McDonald's - this time with an exciting all-new look!

Starting July 2, bring home your very own limited edition Coca-Cola Glass just by adding P25 to any McDonald's Extra Value Meal.

Available in six colors - Blue, Charcoal, Purple, Lime, Green, and Pink - the new Coca-Cola Can Glass is sure to be a favorite collectible and will be available for a limited time only.

So go now and visit any McDonald's store nationwide or order through McDelivery, 8-MCDO (8-6236) or to complete your collection.

For more information, visit