Saturday, June 25, 2011

Falcon is Ondoy-like Storm

There is no more signal but tropical storm Falcon still brings heavy rains in Manila. Falcon is expected to leave today heading its way to Japan. But according to PAGASA, the country may still experience heavy rains due to southwest monsoon.

The pictures above were taken last night before I switch off the light. I didn't actually get enough sleep to monitor the flood/rainfall. One more step in our stairways and the flood will surely enter the house. Anyways, I've learned my lesson since Ondoy. I have packed all my important things and placed them in a safe place. I prepared a battery operated radio just in case we experience black out again and a flashlight. We got no worries. We have enough stock of canned goods. The only thing that I'm scared now is deadly tornado. Other parts of Manila, particulary Kamuning and New Manila were totally damaged by tornado and it happened in 5 to 7 seconds.

I took this picture few seconds ago. The flood didn't subside, in fact the rain keeps pouring as of this moment. According to PAGASA, the amount of rainfall with Falcon is just one fifth of Ondoy but I think the flood that this storm brought us is comparable to Ondoy.

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