Sunday, June 26, 2011

Draybers Band

It is not unusual sight when I'm outside the terrace of our house, seeing these rockers with their guitars in their rock outfit ready for their gigs.

I first saw Mike Yonting aka Mitoy in Eat Bulaga. He's a frequent guest in this noontime show. I know at first that he's a great performer and I became an instant fan and followed him on YouTube. The following day while I was at the salon near our house, I was surprised to see him. I didn't know that he and his band mates live in our neighborhood. I was to shy to ask him a picture so I just let that moment passed and contented myself in YouTube. I hope before they move into a new place, I'll be able to ask a picture with them. I can be a bloggerazzi but I guess it'd be better to take a souvenir pic. For now, I am sharing here their official MTV that I found on YouTube.

And here's another old video. You may also check Draybers - Love of Lifetime. Embed is not available, please check it out on You Tube. Just another excellent performance from Drayber's Band!

Please visit their official website at and catch them live at their gigs.

Watch Draybers' Band as they perform cover songs from foreign band and hits of 60s, 70s to 80s era.


Mommy Jes said...

wow, galing! pure talent!

amiable amy said...

daan lang ako sandali dito

Rossel said...

ay oo napanood ko sila, magaling. hahaha, bago yon a bloggerazzi. musta ka na, Sis?

Ferdinand Pascual said...

Thats what you called "talent" walang halong ka epalan.. Galing!

Ferdinand Pascual said...

Sobrang idol ko talaga ang mga draybers. Idol! Idol! Idol!