Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Beautiful #1

We were invited to attend at teenage Candy Fashion Show few weeks ago at Megamall. A blogger friend Jen and I had picture at the Barkada of the Month sponsored by Carefree. The audience of the said event were mostly teenagers and girls between 20 to 25. Anyways, we gave our best pose and.. tada (that's my best) we got this shot. Candy Fashion Show tagged me in my FB account. I felt awkward when I viewed their album, all teenage barkadas in a row. I should have hid myself with a mascara. Haha. Anyways, I love the output of the photo. Just Beautiful. Teehee. I did not take heavy dose of boosting vitamins this morning that lead me to publish this entry. Half Kidding. This is my first time to join Just Beautiful meme which is up every Wednesday. Did I follow the step? There is no theme for this meme. Just post any picture that you think is beautiful. Places, things and even yourself.


JennyH said...

love it... barkada OF THE MONTHS suits you...

mine is up too..

sHeNgKaY said...

visiting from Just Beautiful..! :) have a nice day!!
My Beautiful
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Jenn said...

That looks cute! It's always great to be out with friends.

my Just Beautiful post

darly said...

stylish ;)

have a beautiful weekend, hope you visit my entry here too.
I Love Darly!
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January said...

Beautiful outfit..:)

Don’t forget to visit My Just Beautiful entry

Silvergirl said...

Visiting from JB

Mars said...

Teenager or not, you look fab! :) Happy JB. Here's mine.

Mars @ The Life Encounters

Mars said...

Teenager or not, you look fab! :) Happy JB. Here's mine.

Mars @ The Life Encounters

Dhemz said...

ayay! ang ganda nang outfit mo te...nice!

Jen's Joyful Life said...

Just keep it up girl. masasanay ka rin. hehehe. gaun din ako dati di marunong mag pose sa cam na sanay na rin.