Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jobs Opening up in Florida

It seems that the later part of 2011 will really turn around for the U.S. economy. For job-seekers looking for employment, there are numerous opportunities if you are persistent about looking for it online. I ran into this post about Infinity Dish a fortune 200 retailer looking to add 200 jobs within the next 2 years in Florida.

For those willing to relocate for employment, what a great place to work! Sunshine all year long to go along with exciting things to do seems to be an ideal place to relocate to. According to the Infinity Dish Facebook account, they also seem to be treating their employees well with incentives and programs that promote teamwork.

Reading through their updates, Infinity Dish also promotes a healthy lifestyle and have corporate events that allows employees to get active. Events include marathon runs and discounts through public transportation. Also, this seems to be a booming industry due to the demand for satellite TV because of the rise of HDTV sales.

We just wanted to pass this information along to you if you are looking for a position or even satellite TV service from Infinity Dish.

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for Infinity Dish.

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