Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Time #3 Bonding Time at the Salon

My entry for this week is kind of late. I was like a busy bee for my schedule offline. Younger daughter and I went to see the dentist for our dental check-up. I had my dental cleaning while she had her tooth filling and underwent panoramic x-ray for possible braces for teeth alignment. Everything went fine except that I wasn't able to update my online task. And what made me busy today? I did my household chores this morning and visited salon for a little hair make over. So much for the intro, I'll be posting here one of our bonding moments, our family moment on weekends. Visiting salon together is our favorite too. The photo I posted below was taken last year when my two pretties have their hair make over. I consider this time as family time too. It is always a bonding time for us, as long as we're together malling or even doing our groceries together.

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mommy jes said...

oh sweet! i cant wait to bond with my ISHI with this kind of activity!!! love it NORA!!! cute!!! Thanks for joining! :D mwah! miss you!

tejan said...

hheheh..cool time!

mine is up too:) good day!

Pepper said...

looks like fun :) My daughter and I should do the same too.

sHeNgKaY said...

hello! Late visiting from FT! :) Have a nice day!
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wenn said...

nice quality family time!

raya said...

wow!! i'd love to date my little girl to the salon soon! please visit our family rain party at http://rayainthailand.com/2011/04/13/ok-no-party-lets-make-one/