Saturday, April 2, 2011

Construction On-Going

I passed by at the on going construction of the apartment this afternoon on my way to get the tokens from the shop for our meet up tomorrow. The apartments are not yet complete but seventy percent of it were already sold. (I already blogged about this apartment owned by the same landlady we are renting right now in my previous post.) Even though the wood flooring is not yet done, I can see how eager the people are to invest for the unit. Wood floor installers as I have heard from the owner, need at least two months to finally finish it. I wonder how will the sales turn out once they see the complete unit with complete laminated wood flooring. The people inquiring at the office only rely on the model unit but some already placed their reservations right away. Well, I think it is quite good to invest in real state properties as the prices sky rocket in no time.

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