Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buying a New Printer

Our printer has not been working for almost six months now. I thought about buying a new one last year but since we seldom use it, I prolong the plan and bought another computer accessories instead. I am glad that there is no hassle anymore in purchasing online. I can do it in one click with all the options that I want. No sweating, no long lines at the counter and no irate staff to assist me anymore. All I need to do is choose the model unit and the specifications needed. I was thinking a while ago about Conquest Printing. My older daughter is an incoming Junior Student this school year and she is expecting a lot more printing projects this year. My neighbor who just bought a printer few weeks ago strongly suggests to go online and select the options that I want. I should believe her of course. She owns a computer shop and buys all her accessories online.

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