Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Value System

Have you heard about ilchi lee and how it actually works to human, the many benefits of Dahn Yoga, their philosophy and how our mind and body works? Ilchi Lee, from South Korea, is a Brain Philosopher and Educator. He developed a program that trained the mind and body. Dahn Yoga was created by Ilchi Lee. According to him, brain wave vibration is simple where you don't need a very complicated method to analyze. But then for easy understanding, three phases of training were given to help. 1) Deliberately make vibrations in your body; 2) Let the entire body ride the rhythm; and 3) Follow the flow of energy.

We as humans, belong to one earth and we are not separated from each other. I've been wanting peace to all nations and with Healing Society, the answer to all the troubles need only one solution. I think it is about time for all of us to be aware of this new value system to achieve peace to all nations. We have many ways to achieve a balance life with ilchi lee by way of yoga books and other relaxation in form of music, meditation and other healing products. We all have one earth to think and take care about. I love how ilchi lee demonstrates the possible way to reach the maximum ability on how to live our life to fullest and not to use idle time worrying about tomorrow. Our minds are not set to limited thinking. We could further enhance our lives by setting a goal that is possible and reachable if only we believe. If all the leaders and the nations discover Ilchi lee's universal philosophy on self healing and personal development, then the world would be a better place for us.
You may also check Ilchi Lee's latest book, In full Bloom.

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