Monday, March 7, 2011

New Printer

I need a printer that is reliable and has a long lasting ink. I have two daughters who print a lot for their school projects. The old printer that we used for three years has already retired of its service. When I brought it to a repair shop, the service man told me to just purchase a new one since the cost of repair would cost me a big amount which is almost equals the price of a brand new printer. I am considering of buying printers online as they offer different brand of high quality. I wouldn't have much trouble anymore with my printing business, err personal business because I am thinking of using it for business card printing too.

Smart buyer needs to look for a cheaper value including cheap flyer printing. I just browsed the site available online with many options to choose for quality printing. I don't just recommend the site that gives cheaper service because I am afraid about the quality that most companies offer in exchange for cheaper printing service. I'm glad with what I have just discovered. I know, if not now, I can recommend this site to my friends where they can use for their own business printing too.


wenn said...

can't live without printer.

gemini said...

I did repair mine too this week...and i need it badly...i hope it will work again, no budget to buy a new one. Best regards.