Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Apartment

I just settled all the bills yesterday. A huge chunk of our budget goes to our house rental. I am not complaining about it. If I may compare the rental around the city, ours is much lower considering the place we are living. We are near to university, mall and other urban center. Yesterday when I settled our bill, the landlady told me that they have ongoing construction of high rise apartments available for occupancy in the next three months. She showed me the fully furnished model for those who may want to inquire. I have sighted uttermost lighting that make it more appealing to me. The vanity mirrors added a more sophisticated appearance to Spanish inspired unit. Students, young professionals and those who love a very homey yet hotel like ambiance would find it more impressive because of the set of furniture carefully chosen by the owner. They are known as the best apartment builders and they choose only the best location in the city. By just looking at the model unit, I can already tell that one of the priorities of the owner of the house is lighting from The contemporary lighting was fully lighted when we dropped by in the place. When I got home, I immediately emailed a friend looking for an apartment for rent. If moving would only be easy for us, I definitely will reserve a slot. We are also tied up in the contract and if we did, we will be charged for a whole year amount of rental.

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