Saturday, March 12, 2011

Customized Blinds

What could be more practical these days than choosing modern yet affordable blinds? I say it more than nth times that I always wanted to buy either roller blinds or vertical blinds for our living room but up to this time, I haven't installed any of them. I've ordered one from a friend who is into selling different types of window blinds. I should have ordered it online instead. If it didn't arrive this week, I might cancel it and place order in another store since I was told that it will be delivered right at my doorstep ETA today. I am actually eyeing now for digitally blinds . Oh well, if it didn't arrive in my extended time, definitely, I will order the one that can be customized with my own photograph and my own design.

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mommy jes said...

yay kids are playing with our blinds here hahahah :))