Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Occassions of Joy 1st Blogversary Celebration

Being the Joyful Mom as she is, Joy is an Event Organizer, Author of Occasions of Joy, a Party Host, Event Planner, a Mom and a Wife.

Joy celebrated her first year anniversary in blogging as her way of thanking all her friends who have been on her side all through the years. I feel so lucky to be considered as one of her nicest friends and that goes beyond blogging. The party was very intimate with only her closest friends and mentors invited.

I arrived at the venue last Sunday at exactly 8am. As an early bird, I have witnessed how Joy works as an organizer herself and how she handles this job, the first to arrive and the last to leave the event. I was totally amazed when I arrived at the party and thought I was in the wrong place as it was so grand for a blog anniversary. I only had experienced virtual and online celebration. For her own party, I was not surprised anymore how she wants to put everything into details.

It was the 20th of February 2010 when she posted her first entry in Occasions of Joy. She already had the passion for writing even before she started blogging but she only opened her own account that day with the help of Pehpot. You can read the first entry here with a title, "The Day I Met Pehpot."

The first game in the event. Couples Jeff & Melody and Honey & Arnold gamely participated in a game, "Eat my Pandesal." The one who eats the fastest without holding the pandesal wins. Luckily Honey and her husband won the contest and took home the prize.

Another Pandesal game for mommies. "Pass the Pandesal." All moms won in the game. I was destressed that day. Laughters filled the party.

The first speaker was none other than our very own Pehpot. She shared the diary of a mommy blogger. Peh is a mom of four kids. Peh said that family should always come first before blogging and that everything will follow smoothly with proper time management. She added that she's always ready with a pen and paper to list down the thoughts that she wanted to write at the moment when she's not in front of computer and attending to the needs of her kids.

I got to meet Jonel Uy, the famous author of and and more high ranked blogs. He was one of the speakers at the event. He is a blogger himself and an IT instructor at the same time. He shared etiquette tips on blogging. His words inspired me to write quality post and focus more in blogging.

I took home two loot bags from Nesvita and the Baby Company as an Early Bird prize. Yay! Photo courtesy of Jes. Thanks also for the Ainon gift pack!

More pictures from the event.

with Bee Mommy Peh of Make or Break and Jonel Uy of

with bloggers Techa, Josie and Fedhz

Jem Garcia in her violin rendition of "The Prayer"

with Peachy's little darling

bloggers Jes, Honey and Jing

surprise slide show for Joy created by Jenny
lunch.. lunch... heavy lunch

Mommies obviously enjoyed the party a lot. I am glad I belong to this community where sharing seems to be an endless thing.

Occasions of Joy would like to thank the following sponsors: Dona Maria Brown Rice, Ainon Baby Products, Baby Company, FunliPix, Mod Magazine, Riders Digest, Svelte, Clarity, Walter Bread, Love Blends Coffee, Graphixcel, Johnson &Johnson's, Elro Com'l, Baby Magazine, Nesvita, Me & U, Enjoy, Fun Ranch, Lactacyd Pink, Donuts Ads, Inc., Body Shop, A-Z Direct for Readers Digest and Rafael A. Mendiola Jr. "RAM Jr." for venue and buffet lunch.

Posing for MOD magazine.

So why Pandesal Party at the invitation? The reason. Joy loves Pandesal and all moms too. I actually took home two packs of them. The grandest Pandesal Party in the history of blogging!

I so love Walter Bread Pandesal!
Love Blends Coffee

The softest bread I have ever tasted. Hot pandesal from Walter Bread and a hot coffee from Love Blends were served for our breakfast. Aside from our breakfast, a scrumptious meal buffet from Joy's better half Rafael A. Mendiola Jr. , "RAM Jr." was served for our lunch.

Thank you Joy for everything that you have prepared for us. You truly bring much Joy to all mommies. I hope to be part again in your next blog anniversary. Congratulations again to Occasions of Joy 1st Blog Anniversary and more power!


Tetcha said...

It was a fun blogversary! Daming pics; ang tagal kong naipost yung mga pics. LOL!

Pinay Mama said...

I wish to attend blogging events too. I guess it's fun. Too bad there are no blogging events here in our place or maybe there is but I am not aware. :)

Pinay Mama

would you love to join my ongoing contest see you!

joyfulmom said...

Thanks Nora! I love you Nuts!!!

Levy said...

saya nyo kainggit :)

Jemina said...

Wow ang saya nyo naman. Congrats sa first blogversary. Bongang-bonga! Way to go!

Dhemz said...

isa lang masasabi ko look blooming hot...ehehhee!

ang sosyal naman nito...d ko carry ang! so much fun going on!

RedLan said...

Kapag blogsary mo pupunta ako ng manila. Dapat i-celebrate mo rin yan. I like your smile in 9th photo. parang angel locsin lang naman.

dong ho said...

wow! first to encounter her blog here as i less visit non-travel blogs.

nice to see jonel there. so saan naman ang celebration ng anniversary ng blog mo? malamang pupunta si redlan. hehehe

chubskulit said...

Weeee what a fabulous celebration,, wala nyan dito is, onli in the Philippines hehehe

Dhemz said...

congrats ulit sa winning te...ehehehe!

Betchay said...

Hi sis ang saya nyo naman jan napaka bongga ng party nyo parang pang celebrity.

Anyway napaka tagal ko nawala sa blogworld,nakalimutan mo nanga ata ako hehehe.