Thursday, February 17, 2011

High School Week

You will all agree that high school days are certainly the best days of our lives. Last weekend, I met my high school buddies and reminisced days while we were in high school. We talked like it was only yesterday and memories came flooding back. We laughed out loud remembering how funny we look like then.

Photos posted above are my daughter's. This week, they celebrate High School Week where students are given activities to discover more of themselves outside their classroom.


I asked my daughter why she didn't even bother to comb her hair. She explained that she's sporting a chic messy bun hairstyle. It is intended to be improper and messy. Messy bun is a hairstyle where hair is twisted with a ponytail wrapping it around itself in a mess. I never knew there is such thing as messy style. I am familiar only with this kind of hairstyle when I'm home in my holed shirt and busy enough to iron my hair.


Mayet said...

I'm also sporting that chic messy style at home;)

have a great day.

iamclarizze said...

agree. not even bothering to comb my hair when im at home!

nice lady tigress nman niyang dalaga mo. i wonder how much tuition fees/yr jan sa uste...never mind, bka magsalubong kilay mo sa pagkwenta, lol

Dhemz said...

she looks pretty on green!

chubskulit said...

Super cute naman ni ate heheh, sarap kurutin hehehe