Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mommy Bloggers Christmas Party

With all my cowboy get up, boots, long sleeves and cowboy hat, who would have thought that Texas is just around the city. Our theme party Cowboy last Saturday was really a blast. It was indeed overly fun with all my fellow mommy bloggers who exerted their effort to make this party a successful one. I was really excited as it was my first time to see and experience few hours stay at Legend Villas. It was oh, was a home for me. I arrived just in time and was lucky enough to be included in first ten list of early cowgirls to arrive at the party. I took the MRT ride and packed my boots going to the hotel as it was awkward for me to take a commute ride with this outfit. The party started just few minutes after I arrived at the venue. The raffle prizes given by our sponsors made our party more enjoyable. Such prizes were raffled off every thirty minutes and I was one of the lucky cowgirls to take bags of prizes after the party. Let my photos below speak for the story.

Cowgirl me and Joy. The first time ever in my life to wear boots and cowboy get up.

Our party wouldn't make it possible without the following sponsors.

Prizes from Unilab include health bags and shirts. Random drawings every 30 minutes for the shirts and other products from Unilab. I won two shirts from Unilab. One shirt in my loot bag while the other shirt is from party games.

Ainon Baby for the mosquito patch.

I won baby products from Ainon

Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread

Johnson's baby powder included in our loot bag. Some Johnson's Powder were raffled off too.

Maya Fluffy n Tasty. My daughter's breakfast for two days was Maya Fluffy n' Tasty Hot Cake. It's her favorite breakfast meal. Thanks Maya Fluffy n Tasty.

Soyami Soya Chips was given to the kids instead of giving it as raffle prizes.

Miss Sheryll of Proud Mama dropped by for their products. Proud Mama gave away bra extender and kiddie shoe bag.

Mommy Bloggers "Cowgirls" who won Playtex Quick Straw

The first ten moms who arrived got a Body Shop lotion each.
My lotion to keep me hydrated this season of parties.

Techa of Pensive Thoughts also gave away ten tokens for moms who arrive early at the venue. Again, I was one of the early cowgirls. ;) Thank you Techa.

GC from Ipanema, Rider Sandals and Grendha. Three mommies won a gift certificate from Ipanema, Rider Sandals and Grendha. I luckily got Rider Sandals GC from ELRO Commercial & Industrial Corporation. Santa has been very good to me. Thank you so much for the GC. I can shop now for my favorite sandals.

Massage Package for 3 moms courtesy of Mommy Leirs.

Miss Agnes of Ainon drew the grand prize winner. Cowgirl Bedalyn Aguas luckily won the grand prize given by Tintin Bersola of Parentin.TV.

TinTin Bersola-Babao runs an online parenting show ParenTIN.TV, please visit http://parentin.tv/, The First Philippine Online Parenting Show.

Included in our loot bags are: Soyami Soya Chips, Walter Double Fiber Wheat Bread, Maya Fluffy n' Tasty, T Shirt and Token from Unilab, Ainon Baby Products, Proud Mama products (bra extender and kiddie shoe bag) Johnson's Baby Powder and Mommy Academy Magazine.

Hear the laughters? I went home tired but so happy. I kept laughing and laughing the whole time for small jokes and small games. It was really fun. This wouldn't be possible without our sponsors who made the event a successful one. Thank you so much to our dear sponsors and to Joy and Pehpot who dedicatedly organized the whole event. I bet it would be thrice the fun next year. Merry Christmas to all!


Chris said...

wow, this looked like a lot of fun indeed! sayang, i couldn't make it..

fedhz said...

bat walang fedhz polvoron? hehehe

imriz said...

a super blast, indeed! kakatuwa...may bonding na w/ bogger friends, kainan to the max pa, dami pang bonggang bongang prizes!!!

PS: mas kakatuwa un inempake un boots nun asa mrt, kwela nman:)))

Mrs. Kolca said...

It was a very enjoying event. Super fun chatting, laughing, singing with the mommies. I love all the prizes too! Next year ulit? Hihi.

Eds said...

uhmmm...indeed sounds a lot of fun. ang dami nyong sponsors ha.

merry christmas nuts!

Tetcha said...

It was a great party indeed! Kahit pagod ang mga mommies, attend pa rin complete with cowgirl costumes. Haha! You're so lucky, ang dami mong napanalunan!

chubskulit said...

am soooo envy that bloggers there have a lot of activities lol.. Love the photos sis.