Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meralco Appliance Calculator, "my elecricity budget buddy"

See the longest title in my blog history ever and I want all moms to take a look at this. This is about how MERALCO reinvented their new website and New Meralco Appliance Calculator. An invitation about Energy Efficiency event for a mom like me is one gathering that all moms look forward too. Being a mom, I always make sure that I consume the electricity that I think is just efficient for us. If MERALCO can reinvent a new look to a more efficient bill management, then I can do it for myself too. Such afternoon of style for a mom like me is something really exciting. Learning tips and making over without spending much on my budget is one thing that moms are really eager to learn about. Just like the new feature of Meralco, I want a make over without spending too much. MERALCO showed us how to use Meralco Appliance Calculator. (M.A.C). I included here the charts to give you the basic information about the new Meralco Appliance Calculator. (M.AC.) For more information, go to Meralco website and click the MAC icon.

Please zoom in for a better view.

Afternoon of Style

Life seems to be getting tougher everyday. My electric buddy just helps me become wiser in using electricity. We also learned how to reinvent a new look to ourselves. A mom like me needs a little make over and that afternoon of style made me realize what other fashion I can reinvent for myself too, why not?

Top Designer Michi Calica and sister Marie shared their fashion tips to bloggers and the different look one can reinvent without spending much on the budget. Three mommies volunteered to make a new fashionable look on Michi Calica's design. One lucky lady also won a ten thousand worth of cocktail gown from Michi Calica design. Congrats to the winner!

Bloggers with Sisters-on-Style Marie and Michi Calica

Now I know the latest M.A.C feature. Aren't you moms excited too? You can spread the good news of the new feature of Meralco Appliance Center (M.A.C) by sharing it online. Just click the share button for Twitter and Facebook account or email the MAC web link to a friend by clicking the email button.

The event taught me what appliance to purchase and the estimated budget that I need to use in a month. Meralco just helped me manage my budget efficiently. I love their new website, truly "my electricity budget buddy". You just made my life easier now.

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Rossel said...

oist, ang daming events a. ang sarap talaga kapag malalaki na ang anak. bumibisit lang.

Rossel said...

hahaha, ibig kong sabihin bumubisita lang ako.

Jes said...

awee onti nga event eh....:( nababakante dapt araw araw :))

pehpot said...

ay sayang wala ako jan.. anjan pala ang mga kumare ko sa anak ni ruby (ria and iris)

sino nanalo?

Levy said...

nice post sis!

Dhemz said...

wow! ang galing galing naman....nako, sayang talaga alang ganyan dito....always close up smile talaga ang beauty mo te....:)

kim said...

wow! i wish i could also attend something like that..

chubskulit said...

Buti ka pa sis, bwelong bwelo na hehehe.. Maganda siguro pag malalaki na ang mga junakis no? ako naguumpisa pa lang, para na akong mababaliw hahaha..

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