Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keep Warm During Winter

I saw my cousin's and my aunt's photos last week with their first snow in Maryland. I saw it posted in one social networking site but forgot to leave a comment on how was the climate going on there. Even without asking the weather, I can feel the tremendous cold in the place with all the warmer and coat they wore in the picture. Sure, they are experiencing terrible coldness right now. I should warn my cousin about heating Maryland to keep them warm during winter season. If you see the photos, you definitely will know it is the coldest because the place turned zero visibility due to the foggy view. I guess she already had prepared winter clothing and wool bedding to keep them warm during the season.

My cousin work as a nurse in the U.S. so it is impossible for her to just stay inside the house to keep her warm all through out the season. Sure, they have warmer inside the house but she should prepare herself more on the road, like fueling enough, focus for clear visibility, and if possible bring thermos of warm soup. She should also install a good snow tires if she plans to go out even with thick snow on the road.

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