Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fixing Printer Problem

Our printer is acting so weird these days. Every time I want to use the printer, I always reinstall the printer to be able to print. But today, I can't even finish my printing job. My daughter needs to finish her school paper works but I think I will need again the help of a printing shop for her project. I need a better and reliable printer otherwise I will always rely on the computer shop every time my children need to print and that will consume much time, money and effort for the printing job.

The last time I reinstalled the printer, it changed nothing but the communication with printer. I'm in doubt if it's the printer. I just find it so weird that I have to do reinstalling job every time I need to use the printer. I want to check printers Richmond VA since fixing the same problem over and over again stressed me a lot. Other people say, the printer dried up the ink for a long time and that caused the printer to be broken. Well, I doubt if it's the printer alone since the communication between the printer and the computer is okay. The printer allows me to print after following several steps but queue status appears from time to time. The best thing I guess that I need to do now is purchase a brand new printer compatible with my computer.

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dong ho said...

it's easier when you have someone experienced on this aspect.