Monday, November 1, 2010

Smooth Ride

We're back! We're back from our mini Halloween vacation in the province. We took a carpool ride from south going to Manila with my cousin's. The staff in gasoline station warned us about the traffic as we entered the "calabarzon area" or "star" tollway. Imagine the three lane-traffic where motorists made their way to make it into five lane-traffic in an instant. But as we reached the exit point of tollway, five lane traffic was reduced to one lane and that made a horrible bottleneck traffic ahead us. Betcha by golly wow, be the best and smart driver or you end up driving in off-road lane. Driving with cool hand and head makes a smooth ride anyway.
It was an instant bonding time reminiscing the past, I guess the longest time me and my cousin S had a long talk over these years. Although we see each other often on occasions and holidays, we never had the chance to talk this way, only hellos and chitchats. The husband of my cousin is also a neighbor, childhood playmate, grade school to high school classmate and friend. Lemme just post the name E. So our ride was a blast and memories of the past became our instant topic. We knew we will brave the traffic entering expressway because of the volume of motorists who went home to celebrate Halloween but we did not expect it to be that way. It took us more than two hours moving like a turtle in the tollway wherein that ride takes only fifteen minutes on a regular flow but as soon as we were out of the "paid highway," smooth ride followed all the way to Ayala. It was a joy ride after all the traffic that we had not to mention the extra money that I saved for the ride. (^-^) Thanks so much, S and E. We're now home safe and sound!

Credits to my two daughters who were always ready for this kind of snap shot. ^-^
They're actually looking for stories behind photographs.

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