Monday, November 8, 2010

Happiness on Sati's Day

Daughter and I have attended a wonderful party last Saturday with with kids in costume, girls in Tinkerbell and boys in Pirate and Peterpan. I say first birthday of Princess Sati, the only girl of four children of Pehpot.

The princess with her Mom, the host Butterfly Joy and Best in Costume Justine, the only son of Techa of Pensive Thoughts.

The fairy butterfly in pink. I adore you Miss Joy for telling me that I look slim that day, the truth is, I gained two pounds this week. You deserve this exposure for that compliment. :))

My daughter at ten still loves to draw and color. She loves the prizes that she got from the party.
Photo op with fairy butterfly. I hardly recognized Joy seeing her in butterfly costume.

Sati's 1st birthday party turned bloggers event? Kinda. ^-^
with bloggers L-R Techa, Yami, Joy, Jingke, Rossel, Nicquee
Jes, Lace, Fedhz, Niko and her daughter Yena.

Today is Sati's birthday and last Saturday was advance date celebration!
Happy Birthday Sati!
Project Happiness Bakeshop for Sati's cake.
Love this cake, so magical.

and my take home cupcake! and the loot bag. so love love it!

edited: daughter is now requesting for the same cake on her birthday.. woot. ^-^


Dhemz said...

ayay! ang seems like it turned out to be like "bloggers event"...joke!

chubskulit said...

Wow ang daming guests hehehe,, oiist slim ka naman talaga ah hehehe..