Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Protect Your Love Ones

Do you care for yourself and your family? If unexpected thing happens, are you prepared enough? I've been thinking about this lately on what will happen if God take away my life. I always procrastinate in buying Life Insurance, or even buying Medical Health Card. If something happens to me now, I have nothing to leave for my family. If there is, it is life full of misery. Sometimes thinking about insurance, long filling up of form or taking long procedures in medical examinations prolongs my decision making and leave this thought to Buy Life Insurance the next day. Death comes unexpectedly. Nobody knows when. We just caught ourselves into a big surprise when it happened to somebody else.

I just came from the wake of my neighbor who just passed away because of heart attack. The wife is now mourning, both on the death of her husband and mourning how her life would be now. Isn't it scary. If they think about Life Insurance even before, then life would be easier to take now. I know it is really hard to lose someone you love, but leaving you in life full of debt is even harder to take.

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Dhemz said...

oh boy...how sad naman....may he will rest in peace.

mahirap talaga pag alang insurance...buti nalang dito sa US uso ang life insurance...