Friday, November 26, 2010

Mmommy Moments: Too Big

Theme for this week for Mommy Moment is Too Big.

Ate, big sis, is just too big for her age. Age gap is only two.

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chubskulit said...

Ang laki ng jobby hehehehe.. Cute cute ng mga anak mo sis.

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dong ho said...

bonding time pala with the girls.

AnneYP said...

kids really love Jollibee

mjrodriguez said...

i love jollibee!

and the last photo is just too cute! my kids are too small but they look almost near each other's ages except that they are actually 8 years apart....waaaah! midgets!

Eds said...

oy si jollibee! favorite yan ng anak ko. hehehe

kimmy said...

oh! i love JOLLIBEE!

Mel Cole said...

Jolibee! Pa-hug nga rin. Miss ko rin si jobby. Nice picture nang anak mo with the astronaut sis, she seemed to be a future astronaut someday.

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Jona said...

looked like they're really in space hehe nice!

The Ate sure is big for her age if you say that they only have 2 years apart. pangmodel!

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Chris said...

i thought that jollibee will be famous this week! happy mommy moments!

Clarissa said...

My kids loves the character Jollibee!Bumili pa kami ng maliit na stuff toy nung umuwi kami last January.Malaking bulas ata si Ate^_^

Hello there,Mommy Nuts!Forgive my late visit,medyo busy kasi dito.

Have a nice week ahead of you!Ingat palagi dear^_^

Jes said...

wow!! laki ng sister nya sis and pretty dn ah like mommy ;) wala ko entry nito! ;(