Thursday, November 25, 2010

GT: accessories/ apparel section

I am a self confessed addict in shopping. I don't have much money but when I have extra, I can't control myself and spend up to the last cent in my wallet. Please note that I only spend the "extra" and no cc to worry about overspending. Addictiveness! This has been myself ever since so I need a rehab to cure this addicting hobby. I look into brand most of the time but when a tee looks gorgeous, I take them right away and when I come home, I often regret buying it. I am such an impulsive buyer. Tell me, is there really a cure for this?
I am not really into accessories. I am simple and contented with just pony tailed hair.

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zoan said...

whew. I am not a certified shopaholic because I always see to it that there is still money left in my wallet after I go shopping. I am a cheapskate ahaha

jared's mum said...

i guess when you become a mom, simplicity comes with the territory and we are loving it, right?

Happy GT:)

kim said...

Have you watched 'Confessions of A Shopaholic?' maybe you could pick up some ideas on how to handle your shopping addiction, lol!

Shawie Girl said...

hi there!i'm ur newest follower.being a shopping addict can really be a tough one, but this i have to say, so long as it makes you happy then i think it's ok! have a great day!

Mel Cole said...

Try to bring cash sis. Like limit the money you bring in your wallet when you go to the store so you still have cash left. Sorry for my late visit ha, na-busy lang po talaga.

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Clang said...

Ok lang mag-spend ng konti--it's like treating yourself after working hard.Pero pag sobra,it's bad na..

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K said...

i know a cure. give your purchases to me. bwahahaha! i miss you mommy nuts! mwah!