Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girls Talk: Health and Beauty Section

My post will be short this time. Our last week's theme was about grocery and I think I've posted above 200 words there. I should have posted a receipt instead. Lol. Now my post only got two. Two photos for Girls Talk theme, Health and Beauty Section. These are my usual pick.

Recycled photo from GT with theme Shower Loot.

My entry for Girls Talk!

Girls Talk

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Andami! Hehehe... I'm also a H&S shampoo user. I've tried Pantene, pero nagkakaroon ako ng dandruff. So siguro hiyang lang talaga ako sa Head and Shoulders.. =)

I also have an entry for GT.. Hpoing you could visit me, too.. Gandang araw. =)

Kero said...

Pareho tayo sa Olay Effects. H&S user ka pala, these days I am also trying Clear Shampoo.

My son is also using J&J Lavender bath

Vernz said...

andami naman niyan.. naku vanity helps economy afloat... hahaha..

dropping by for gt... My GT here

Rossel said...

kadami naman nyan. baka naman pwede mo akong mahagisan dito kahit isang lotion? ehehe

seriously, kaya ka siguro di tumatanda ano sa dami ng ginagamit mo? sige nga bili na rin ako ng madami. lol!

Anonymous said...

What a complete collection!!!!

Hop here from GT and follow you
Happy Thursday

imriz said...

dami nga tlg sis, ala b pwd pang-give-aways jan:)))

Jenn said...

Wow ang dami dami nga!

my Girls Talk post

Mel Cole said...

Wow, lots to select! Nice items sis.

My Girl's Talk here

Dhemz said...

holy cow...ahhahaa...ang golly! akin nalang yung iba...ehehehhe!

chubskulit said...

Ohlala pagkadaming beauty beauty stuff lol..

Working Woman said...

that's a lot you got out there! beauty rituals are sure fun:)

just droppin' for GT.

kim said...

wow! that's... OVERWHELMING, lol!

Mommy Liz said...

buti at nakikita mo pa hinahanap mo? dun sa 2nd picture. I love your first pic, so neat looking..

Brand name lovers ka rin noh..

K said...

gosh ang dami. hihi. J&J fans, andami na natin. haha! i've also been using pantene ever since the girls at GT recommended it in their shower loot :D