Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girls Talk: Grocery Queen

Yeevah! I'm back in GT's arms. How I missed this meme and last month's seems to be not my tea and I have to blame myself for this. I spare myself from reviews of books that we love so please excuse me for missing one month in GT. My daughter is a bookworm but I was too busy to feature all the books that she loves. Ok, so much for book segue again. Hihi. So GTalkers, let's now proceed to supermarket. My cart is now empty and is ready to get full. We usually do our grocery shopping enough for a month supply but it never actually lasts for a month. We replenish supplies two weeks after or on weekends. We have almost one year supply of toothpaste, courtesy of MIL who never failed to send us goodies every Christmas. So toothpaste is not in the list anymore but I sometimes used Sensodyne as an alternate toothpaste for my sensitive gums. =)

Here are the items that sure not be missing in our grocery list: Sauces such as Delmote Sweet and Spicy, Ketchup, Gravy, all around sarsa ni Mang Tomas and hotcake Syrup, Hot n Spicy Sauce and Oyster Sauce . My daughter drinks sauce. Kidding. Pancake, mushroom, canned goods, shampoo and the usual supply in the pantry such coffee, sugar and cream, butter, canned softdrinks, cookies and more. Can I just post the receipt here? Lol. I won't be mentioning the brand anymore as I only chose the leading brand in all my supplies. :))

Recycled photo in my pancake post. =)

My entry for Girls Talk!

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Vernz said...

naku.. dami stocks nito... my husband would joke around and said.. may bagyo ba bakit maraming pagkain hahaha..dropping by for GT sista..

mine is posted at Woman’s elan vital

Anonymous said...

My grocery list is all about food. Food, food and food! Hehe.. =)

I also love making pancakes.. and eating them with lots of butter. Yum!

Happy GT Thursday!! Hope you could drop by my blog, and drop a comment, too.. Salamat. =)

f e R r y j H o i said...

naman naman naman!!! daming food nyan!! hihi patamba Sis!! kahit isang round ng hotcake lang poh!!

chubskulit said...

Wow punong puno ang pantry at busing busy si bunso sa inventory hehehe

zoan said...

dami ng stocks nyo ha. ako iniiwasan ko kasi minsan hindi na inuubos ng mga bata.

mine is up here:

zoan said...

dami ng stocks nyo ha. ako iniiwasan ko kasi minsan hindi na inuubos ng mga bata.

mine is up here:

Mommy Liz said...

ganon? pang leading brand ka lang?? sosyal ka. ako naman, may binibiling generic at may leading brand. Kasi minsan kapag nag try ka ng generic tapso di masarap natatapon lang eh.. Aba, bakit ang in laws ko eh di kami pinadadalhan ng toothpaste? hmmmm???hehehe..

kim said...

wow! brand conscious, lol!

imriz said...

same here, nuts, i might be posting the receipt next time, haha.

imriz said...

mine is here pala

K said...

we love mang tomas too! especially paulie ;)

welcome back to GT mommy nuts! mwah!