Monday, November 1, 2010

Business Cards

This is cool! Different designs of computer business cards are now available online. You can choose different style and color and even upload your own design here. I was invited for a media launch this week but I don't have any business cards to distribute. It would be easier if I have these cards to introduce myself where my name, email address and contact are listed. I have attended different events and seems that names and contacts are hard to remember by just listing down by pen. Whenever I ask somebody for their contact number, they would just take down note of the name and contact and then later forget. Business cards serve many purposes like establishing and promoting a business. A personalized business cards make easier for a client to remember you by the card. Check it out now.

1 comment:

HalfCrazy said...

Oh, that is cool. Now you have something to distribute and have people remember you!

I have a small loading business, maybe it's time I hand out business cards, actually, that wouldn't work for me LOL. A loading business is managed different.

I followed that link and the designs are awesome. When my loading business gets bigger, perhaps I can hand out cards!