Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bloggers Brunch at Seattle's Best Coffee

I am a coffee addict and I can't live a day without a cup of coffee. Yesterday, I attended a bloggers event, not the official launching of such product but more of talks and get together with fellow bloggers at Seattle's Best Coffee, Greenbelt 3 Makati. Bloggers were given the chance to taste the finest and boldest coffee ever on earth. Food, travel, photography and other groups of bloggers were there. Old and new faces but quite familiar names in the blog world.

“One taste of Seattle’s Best Coffee and you’ll know how it got its name.”

What a sumptuous meal to start my day! I ordered Pesto, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, chopped walnut and fresh parsley.
I just had my first taste of of Cookies n Cream in mint and I may consider this simply as the best coffee I ever had!

Seattle's Best Coffee's (SBC's) main headquarter is based in Atlanta Georgia. SBC has been in the Phillipines since 2000 and has now 18 stores in the country located in Makati City (Greenbelt 3, Valero St., Makati Medical Center and Powerplant Mall), Quezon City (Katipunan, Eastwood Cybermall and Trinoma Mall); Manila (Metropolitan Hospital and Ongpin Binondo), Pasig City (SM Megamall Megastrip, Tektite Tower), South Area (Festival Mall, Caltex SLEX Southbound and NAIA Terminal 3); Pasay City (SM Mall of Asia); Taguig (Bonifacio High Street); San Juan City (Cardinal Santos Hospital); Cebu City (The Terraces, Ayala Center)

Seattle's Best started in the early 70's when a group of passionate lovers started a "coffee revolution" in Seattle. The founders of SBC were the first coffee pioneers and they used only the finest beans to achieve a bold and full flavored smooth coffee.

Joyce Ramirez, International Publicist and one of Seattle's 10 Best Customers was there too and bloggers enjoyed the brunch with her. Other SBC's Best Customers are Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan - Team Manila Graphic Designers, Francis J. Kong - Business Columnist, Manny Torrejon - Businessman/Coffee Connoisseur, Ivan Acuna - Metalscape Artist, Paul Soriano - Director/Producer, Cristalle Belo Henares - Entrepreneur, Akihiro Sato - Model/Actor, Alyanna Martinez - Fashion Stylist, and Stephanie Henares - Animax Channel VJ.

Below are some photos I have captured yesterday. Other bloggers tried and enjoyed being Baristas for some minutes in their lives. More photos posted in my FB account.
And yours truly, only in a Barista get up.=)

I was so excited yesterday that I did not notice the time and failed to have a photo with Joyce Ramirez. I have a free copy of Sunday Magazine anyway where she was featured along with other Best SBC's customers.

Panoramic view grabbed from Az. Thanks Ms. Lace and Az for the invite.

For Christmas 2010, Seattle's Best Coffee offers their new Oreo Cookies and Mint flavor. Imagine a comforting mix of the fresh taste of mint and the classic mocha with just enough Oreo cookie bits, you can taste the perfect blend in one sip. This holiday drink is available in Cookies and Mint Mocha and Cookies and Mint Javakula.

Seattle's Best Coffee's Give and Receive Promo. GIVE – and be a World Vision child advocate by completing 18 stickers on your SBC Give and Receive card. And you’ll RECEIVE the limited edition 2010 SBC Holiday Giveaway Package. I would love to have this give away package this Christmas!
You may zoom in the photo for better view.

Visit your favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee cafe and find out more about the SBC Holiday Drink and Holiday Promo. Promo Period is from October 29, 2010 to January 15, 2011.
Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5613, Series of 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mmommy Moments: Too Big

Theme for this week for Mommy Moment is Too Big.

Ate, big sis, is just too big for her age. Age gap is only two.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Villas

Have you ever dreamed of spending holidays or vacation with your family in a resort, a farmhouse, beaches or nearby coastal view in villas but you put this vacation off after considering the expensive rates? When we plan for a vacation, we always think that we can only bring two or three in the family. When thinking about family gatherings and reunions and we want to spend time in a hotel, we prolong our vacation because planning already gives us a terrible headache upon realizing the rising hotel rates and everyday expenses. Well, we can have this vacation now, direct to the owner and rent villas in Ibiza that will also give the same comfort as spending vacation in a hotel.

Don't wait for summer or holidays to take your dream vacation. Sometimes we just get tired of nothing and wish we were in a hotel or in an exclusive resort where we can relax and unwind. We don't need to spend much money to afford the vacation that we deserve. The dream vacation like staying in an apartment in Italy or spending days in villas in Menorca is possible. I still recall having a vacation in a chalet while still working at a prestigious company. There, I had the comfort and relaxing experience of spending a vacation. Since then, I always recommend a vacation villa or a chalet. This destination provides smooth rock settings underground which is something that everybody wish to have in a vacation. Even without the air conditioned room to stay around, you will feel the soothing climate that natural rocks will give. It is really such a pleasant holiday to spend with.

You need not worry much about the rental fee as you can arrange the bookings direct to the owner. You can even use saved money in other leisure time. Golf enthusiasts and other sports minded persons can have fun too. Should you need catering services, chalets, cottages and fine dining, calling the direct owner will give you the option that you preferred. Accommodation in villas offer different options whether you want a grand vacation for two or a huge family get away. You could wish nothing more since they offer a different vacation that will suit your family whether you need special service for grand parents and other special needs. They can relax in a cozy and quiet environment with all the comfort of a vacation that a hotel can offer too. I am such a sucker when it comes to holidays and vacations. Maybe I should start planning my own vacation in villas now.

GT: accessories/ apparel section

I am a self confessed addict in shopping. I don't have much money but when I have extra, I can't control myself and spend up to the last cent in my wallet. Please note that I only spend the "extra" and no cc to worry about overspending. Addictiveness! This has been myself ever since so I need a rehab to cure this addicting hobby. I look into brand most of the time but when a tee looks gorgeous, I take them right away and when I come home, I often regret buying it. I am such an impulsive buyer. Tell me, is there really a cure for this?
I am not really into accessories. I am simple and contented with just pony tailed hair.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Protect Your Love Ones

Do you care for yourself and your family? If unexpected thing happens, are you prepared enough? I've been thinking about this lately on what will happen if God take away my life. I always procrastinate in buying Life Insurance, or even buying Medical Health Card. If something happens to me now, I have nothing to leave for my family. If there is, it is life full of misery. Sometimes thinking about insurance, long filling up of form or taking long procedures in medical examinations prolongs my decision making and leave this thought to Buy Life Insurance the next day. Death comes unexpectedly. Nobody knows when. We just caught ourselves into a big surprise when it happened to somebody else.

I just came from the wake of my neighbor who just passed away because of heart attack. The wife is now mourning, both on the death of her husband and mourning how her life would be now. Isn't it scary. If they think about Life Insurance even before, then life would be easier to take now. I know it is really hard to lose someone you love, but leaving you in life full of debt is even harder to take.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend at Home

My day seems likely to end with great accomplishment. Since the day I proclaimed a no mall weekend for month, my kids and I contented ourselves inside the house, watching movies and doing home chores. I just finished organizing messy stuff too. I don't think this will last for a month. Malling has been part of our weekends for many years already, so maybe I resume by next week. Funny that we only missed one this month.

Staying home the whole day facing the computer makes me wonder how it was like for other people whose hobby is to chat with other group with same views in life. I just opened my FB account and read in my news feed that one of my friends liked Emo chat room. And since I am not really into chat, I continued and finished my online task and suggested the chat room to other friends instead. I think I'll be in hiatus in the next few days when I become busy with other stuff in real world.

Friday, November 19, 2010

MM: Too Small

These shoes are too small for a ten year old girl now.

This little lady acts like a great host to her own party.

And she is holding a petite choco mousse that her older sister bought for her birthday.
Happy Birthday little lady!

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Shopping Online

If you go shopping on weekends, you will notice many people taking advantage on sale items on the mall. Some of them are doing their early Christmas shopping to avoid the rush. Maybe, it helps them not to forget any in their lists and complete the gifts for family and friends. Sometimes I think shopping is better if you do it online. Aside from the crowd , you can save time and effort to think that the season brings much traffic these days. This Christmas, I am thinking of giving a Designer Sunglasses for my friend. I just saw her status in one social networking site that she is looking for this item. It would surely be a surprise for her if I could give this one exactly what I saw online. I'm just as excited for her or maybe I can get one for myself too. Oh well, since one of sunglasses is on top brand, this will create a glamorous look to her style.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

congratulations Manny Pacquiao!

Having the advantages in size and weight, still Margarito did not make it to win the fight. What's surprising here is that Margarito still up in 12th round after bruised and messy face and punches he received from Manny's hand. Manny Pacquiao was just as quick as lightning. The fight ended up to the last 12th round. Manny Pacquiao wins record 8th world title via unanimous decision over Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao with face as good as first round is now holding the WBC Super Welterweight Title. You just made the Filipinos on top of the world again!

Congratulations Congressman Manny Pacquiao!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vintage House

When my kids were still small, I kept the house a child friendly environment so to keep them safe from harm. No decorations made of glass or metal to prevent them from being injured. Now that they're grown up, I am thinking of putting an expensive clock or chandelier. I only want a white and plain wall. I want it to look clean and neat but if anyone give me a howard miller grandfather clock, I would definitely be grateful and hang this treasure clock in my wall. I am not really fond of putting colorful decorations. I only want a traditional look so I would stick to my vintage preference. This is just a dream for now anyway. Thinking that someday we'll be going again to different home, moving in with lots of furniture is such a hassle. For now, I'll just keep this into my imagination until such time I be able to put this dream into reality. Maybe in my real home. I hope.

Friday, November 12, 2010

MM: Loving Black

their color preference changes as they grow older. they used to love pink when they're still small kids. now, they're loving black almost if not all in their clothing.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girls Talk: Health and Beauty Section

My post will be short this time. Our last week's theme was about grocery and I think I've posted above 200 words there. I should have posted a receipt instead. Lol. Now my post only got two. Two photos for Girls Talk theme, Health and Beauty Section. These are my usual pick.

Recycled photo from GT with theme Shower Loot.

My entry for Girls Talk!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Tadaaa! Lovely with this flower.
Taken last halloween during our stay in Batangas.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happiness on Sati's Day

Daughter and I have attended a wonderful party last Saturday with with kids in costume, girls in Tinkerbell and boys in Pirate and Peterpan. I say first birthday of Princess Sati, the only girl of four children of Pehpot.

The princess with her Mom, the host Butterfly Joy and Best in Costume Justine, the only son of Techa of Pensive Thoughts.

The fairy butterfly in pink. I adore you Miss Joy for telling me that I look slim that day, the truth is, I gained two pounds this week. You deserve this exposure for that compliment. :))

My daughter at ten still loves to draw and color. She loves the prizes that she got from the party.
Photo op with fairy butterfly. I hardly recognized Joy seeing her in butterfly costume.

Sati's 1st birthday party turned bloggers event? Kinda. ^-^
with bloggers L-R Techa, Yami, Joy, Jingke, Rossel, Nicquee
Jes, Lace, Fedhz, Niko and her daughter Yena.

Today is Sati's birthday and last Saturday was advance date celebration!
Happy Birthday Sati!
Project Happiness Bakeshop for Sati's cake.
Love this cake, so magical.

and my take home cupcake! and the loot bag. so love love it!

edited: daughter is now requesting for the same cake on her birthday.. woot. ^-^

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Johnson's Baby Press Launch and Baby Shower

I received an email last week inviting me for JOHNSON'S Media Launch and I confirmed my attendance right away. I was so excited for the launch held at Hotel Intercontinental yesterday. It was attended by different groups of media and mommy bloggers wherein some of them were my co-participants at Johnson's previous event. As a mommy blogger, this event is a big opportunity for me to meet the experts behind Johnson's baby and mommy bloggers as well. We all grew up with Johnson's and as a mom, Johnson's products will always be the bestest even for my tween daughter and my 10/year old girl who loves Johnson's so much. When I told them that I will be attending JOHNSON'S event, my two girls quickly affirmed that I should go and were even more excited than me.

I arrived at the venue at exactly 11am or was it 11:02? I was one of the early birds. I was actually sweating all over when I reached the place and braced MRT crowd just to get there on time.

I took this shot just before the event started.
The firsts, "unang tibok, unang galaw, unang haplos."
You may zoom in the photo for better view.

The host introduced Juan Carlos Garcia, Senior Brand Manager for Johnson's baby and gave more informations about Johnson's baby products.

Celebrity moms on Johnson's baby.

First time mom Marielle Santos-Po who came from the family of fashion retail giant Cinderella, Lexi Schulze for second pregnancy and Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo for the latest addition to their family, and first time mom Akiko Thompson, Olympian and Philippine Sports Commissioner (not around though) shared the first times in motherhood and as the tagline says...

Having two daughters, I have many firsts times to share too. They both grew up with Johnson's product and they're still using Johnson's baby oil, Johnson's baby powder, Johnson's baby lotion and Johnson's baby skincare wipe.

A game for mommies and soon to be mommy who demonstrated how to give bath and apply Johnson's baby. Fortunately, all participants won. Yey. I could have won too.

How sweet it is to be a mom and it is really a great experience I will always love to share. Johnson's baby has been with me all throughout these years.

It's again another bonding time with other mommy bloggers and sharing milestones of our kids seems to be endless. We are all moms and we learn from each other sharing our many firsts. Here are some of the photos I have captured during the event.

The mommy bloggers.

endless sharing and laughters..

The Johnson's baby.

Photo ops with mommy blogger.

Me with Fedhz, young and pretty mommy blogger. =)

Me and blogger friend Jes.

I totally enjoyed the event. I so love the Johnson's products that has been with me since my all firsts, firsts galaw, first haplos, firsts bath and all the firsts being mom. My kids are now grown up but Johnson's baby will be forever with us. I still want to baby them and they will be forever my Johnson's baby kids.

Basket of Johnson's baby.

Yey. Early bird catches worm. Basket of Johnson's baby product that I took home with me and also token from Marielle and Akiko's baby shower.

It was a successful event indeed. The event highlights the thrill and excitement of experiencing baby's firsts. Johnson's will be giving three lucky mothers a chance to have their grand JOHNSON'S Baby Shower. This promo will be accessible through Facebook by searching "Johnson's Baby World of Firsts."

Being a mom, I can so relate in launching baby products. Thanks so much Nuffnang and JOHNSON'S for giving me the chance to be part of the Johnson's media launch and I hope to be part again in your future events.

You may visit Johnson's Baby website at www.babycenter.com.ph