Friday, October 22, 2010

this camera

is giving me too much headache. i don't really know the cause of sudden power off, it just stopped working while we were in laiya last may. i went to Hidalgo today for repair so daughter can use it for tomorrow's field trip. i was charged P1,200 roughly $27 for the repair. while I was at the shop, camera did not show any signs of weirdness and in good condition but when I came home, I was dismayed. I couldn't turn on the power again even with full charged battery. :(
Daughter just told me that supposed field trip tomorrow will be postponed to another date due to typhoon.


Maria said...

Sorry to hear about your camera!
Since your blog is one of the blogs I follow, I just want to inform you that
now it's new life in Sweden and a new blog.
Welcome to visit
Have a great Friday!/Maria

Dhemz said...

ayay! sayang na postpone...d bale my another time pa naman...ehehe! nice yang camera mo te...laki panang LCD screen....sige it's his time to retire na...ehhehee...joke!

Beth said...

Good thing the field trip was postponed, nku sana maayos na un digicam. A journey without pics pa naman daw is a journey half traveled! :D Happy weekend, Nuts!

chubskulit said...

Anong klaseng battery gamit mo sis? My first camera did that a couple of times nung di pa chargeable gamit ko but when we replaced it, okay na..

Mel Cole said...

Nice camera :)