Monday, October 18, 2010

Save Geraldine J. Oliva

I was touched by the story of Geraldine J. Oliva. I watched her story on TV last night, in YouTube and other social networking site today. Known as "Dane" from Balayan, Batangas, Dane was popular in all local beauty contest then but because of her chronic kidney disease, everything changed in her life and her family. She is struggling everyday and fighting for her sickness. I cried hard in her story. Seeing her condition reminds me of my mother who suffered from kidney failure many years ago. I knew what it felt like for her family seeing her present condition.

You may click the video for the whole story. Any help you will extend will help Save Geraldine. A simple prayer for fast healing would surely ease her pain.
Here are the links.

An Inspiring Story of Geraldine J. Oliva Part 1

An Inspiring Story of Geraldine J. Oliva Part 2


dong ho said...

count my prayers.

Beth said...

Hi nuts,
naiyak ako sobra! and I admire their love for each other. I hope and pray for healing. I am touched...pag nagkamoney ako ng sobra, I won't forget to pay forward and I will think of her first,aside from my sick dad.

Thanks so much for sharing this.

Tetcha said...

I read about her at Levy's blog, too. Nakakalungkot, but God is good, and there is hope. She'll be in my prayers. I'll check the links to her story later.