Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wall Clock

If you visit our house, you will see nothing but a bare wall. I just love it plain and simple, no single painting or photo frame in the wall. Decorating the wall is probably the last thing that I consider to do in our house unless somebody give me an antique or a vintage painting. I only have one clock hanging in the wall. I bought it for only few dollars. A wall clock is a necessity for me and not as wall decoration.

When I browsed the internet today, I found a website of different wall clocks, antique and new. This made me think of investing for an antique one that will transform my house into elegant look. I'll be one proud owner if it happens. I think it is also a beautiful gift for someone who collect antique items. For me, old and classic look gives a different aura of a peaceful home. Probably because for me, antique means real and classic beauty.


NenNen said...

Yeah I agree. I also plan to invest on antique things someday when I build my dream house. Naks! hehe.

Reena said...

i like antiques because of their value and aesthetics. Though i am careful when choosing one. Baka kasi may spirit eh. haha. paranoid. :)