Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TV Shows Online

Everything is now available online. Watch TV Shows Online is just one activity that my children love to do. Shopping online, do virtual trip, and updating blogs are my usual routine though. Online activities were already part of our daily life. My older daughter just love to sit in front of computer the whole day, browsing different site and blogging too. My little one just sneak into computer when nobody is using it, plays game, and from time to time browsing social networking site. I wonder what our life would be without computer. I just can't imagine as we're used to this kind of life already. I cannot stand anymore without the internet. Maybe a day or two without it but not for life. I just have to add here that even if we are internet addict, me as parent, need to be responsible to my kids not only by the time spent online but also responsible on what activities that my kids were engaged.

While creating this post, children are watching shows online right in the comfort of their own bed. Lucky kids! Few more minutes and they will ask for snack or something to munch on while watching TV shows online.

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