Sunday, September 19, 2010

Traditional Games

Here in our place, the leader of our community or what we call Barangay Captain had this small project provided for the youth, Table Tennis. Traditional games help them stimulate both mind and body. So every time I pass by the street and see these teenagers playing, I can't help but adore our leader giving this opportunity for teenagers help their mind away from other non sense stuff. Maybe, the other nearby community can do this too. It really helps the youth to divert their mind and turn their lousy hour into something worthwhile.

I want my children to try this game too. Honestly, they are not really aware of any traditional games like Pingpong, Chess or any Table Games. They heard about this game but were not really aware how it is being played. Maybe it is not really their stuff, but I think it is better to at least have them tried any of the games above.

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red said...

I missed Table Tennis. I mean, I love watching it.