Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Supplies

Summer is my favorite time of the year no matter how hot the season brings. It is the time where I could relax, wake up later than usual and no stress in reminding and helping my children for their school activities. We all love summer. It is the perfect time where we could unwind and relax under the sun away from the noise of the city. At this early, we already talk about where to spend summer. I want to do trekking or hiking for a change but I doubt if we could do it because of medical condition of my eldest who has asthma and allergy to pollen.

I'm stressed right now and only summer can destress me. But how long shall I wait till it comes. Maybe I should start saving today for extra budget to enjoy summer. Or shall I order rv supplies to get ready for any plans next year. I want our trip to be as ease as possible especially for my kids whether a beach, hiking or overnight camping.

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