Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Let's do something to save our mother earth instead of questioning the government on what they have done to save our environment. Personally, I separate waste material at home, recyclable, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. I believe that in my own way, I contribute something by just simply separating our waste material.

Think about the environment today. Have you contributed any to keep our mother earth become a better and safer place for all of us? I wonder if people were aware or even frightened about the news on ozone layer damage. We are all responsible to this. Hospitals, factories or even in our own home have the capability of making used material turned re-usable one, electronic waste can be recycled too. In our daily life, we must encouraged everyone to strongly advocate recycling of used materials. What else can we contribute to mother nature? Recycle. Act now, for it might be too late if we don't. It's time for you to do something. Think about it. The right time is now.


chubskulit said...

Love your philosophy sis, and I completely agree with you. Ganyan din kami dito..

Eds said...

keep up that good work nuts!