Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mcdo! love ko to!

A short post to thank Mcdo! It has already been our usual weekend to order food via McDelivery except yesterday. I went straight at the nearest branch for take out order since I also had to buy something at drugstore nearby. I ordered the following, bigmac, quarter pounder, large fries, chicken nuggets and 2 spaghetti. I added another burger since my little girl only want it plain, no cheese, no veggies. When I reached home, I found out that burger mcdo was missing. When I checked the receipt, it indeed was included in my bill. I called the branch and told them about it. I provided the receipt of my ordered food and in a matter of five minutes, my burger was delivered right at my door step. The friendly delivery man named Royce apologized for what had happened and I was then very thankful for his gesture and quick reply. It pays to pay attention to the customer kaya ngayon mas love na kita talaga. Love ko to!


Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww...galing naman....dito if we missed something kailangan pa naming bumalik...nyahhahaa...d kasi uso ang delivery!

red said...

ay ay, matagal na pala hindi ako nakapunta ng Mc Do. TL (Tulo laway)