Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Let me take this chance to thank Kaye, our GT host, for her unique and unbelievably amazing talent for creating web layout and design for my blogs. She's my layout designer for my other blog www.morethanjustsahm.com. Thank you so much Kaye from the bottom of my heart for giving life and new look to my blogs.

So for my entry, here's the button of my home blog. I just told her to create header and button and make it as simple as she can and keep the green color which is the original color of my blog and she got exactly what's on my mind. Thank you, thank you so much Kaye!

My entry for Girls Talk!

Girls Talk

Please check BeautyQueenieGene for more entry with the same theme.


Vernz said...

HI sis, you said it right.. can't afford K, gusto ko rin sana magpamake-over...mahal... hehhe... sa libre nalang muna ako.

GT here

Rossel said...

i love the color of your site, sis. magaling talaga si kaye magdesign.

my entry is here. happy GT!

Mommy Liz said...

ay ang ganda at ang simple nga. I love it! si Mareng K talaga, very artistic at kayang kayang hanapan ng style ang ating mga likes di ba???


Jenn said...

wow ang galing naman... bow talaga ako sa mga marunong mag-design ng blog templates.

My GT post is up HERE.

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

I like the Earthy look of your blog sis. Green does relax the eyes. Ang galing ni K!

My Green GT here

Earth said...

yes! patronize your own.. i haven't thought of that, my template is green, too,lol!

K said...

waaahhh!! akala ko you'll be featuring a picture of you in green. sayang. hehe. salamat sa link love. mwah!