Saturday, September 18, 2010

Enhance Your Beauty

Latest updates from show business mostly came from actors who underwent plastic surgery. I just noticed about one biz personality who just had botox, but now I hardly recognize her face. She's already beautiful even before the surgery and becomes more beautiful after then. If you see her on TV, you definitely will be surprised because the smile that she showed now will make you think she's another actress. She looks so pretty with her genuine personality inside and out.

Today plastic surgery is open not only for showbiz personalities but also for ordinary citizen who wants to enhance more of their beauty. Anyways, I heard that the actress is planning to take her vacation abroad next month. I wonder why, maybe she will leave the country again for another appointment with Cosmetic Surgeon Hawaii. I'll keep this post as a blind item for now to protect her private life. But if she requests me to tag her name in this post, then I will reveal her name. I know that you knew her already, the beautiful actress behind the topic of this post. She's really pretty and got the IT look.

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red said...

I do agree. We need to enchance our beauty. It's effective just like Charice