Thursday, September 30, 2010

Girls Talk: Pinky Girl no morel

I can't find any of my pic with this color so I'll feature my little girl for this week's theme, Pink!
Some of the photos here were already shared in my previous post. I hope that recycled photos are allowed to link in GT. lol.

When my little girl was still young, she always chose pink in any of her stuff, including eyeglasses. But today, her preference with color changed to light blue. :)

She just loved pink before, pink dress, pink pajamas, pink toys. But now, it is an exemption to her favorite. She loves all the colors except pink.

I have one pink shirt that I love wearing inside the house. It is so soft and so manipis but I have no photo wearing that shirt. I feel so light in that shirt and it gives me major comfort at night as my sleepwear.

My entry for Girls Talk!

Girls Talk

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Medical Scrubs

Gone are the days when doctors wear all white in uniform. I remember those times when my kids cried out loud whenever they see doctors wearing white while other patients experienced white coat syndrome. It is the feeling of anxiety where they feel unease with doctors in white coat. They are not really comfortable seeing medical professionals in white uniform. Today, doctors wear different color of of medical scrubs and they look more fashionable too. The color even gives a pleasing mood to patients with its chic and stylish scrubs. Aside from the comfort and easy feeling that the color brings to patient, medical professionals become more trendy too. Medical scrubs uniforms are available in many different colors and styles at scrub store.

Fashion is not limited even to professionals working in hospital just like nursing uniform scrub that brings a total new look to this profession. And not only that, there's a scrub hat to complete the trendy scrub. It comes out in different colors too and are accessible online in a very affordable price. With this cool uniform, I bet, medical professional would wish no more other than this label.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank you Rose!

I got something today! I was surprised when I received a package from Rose, a very good friend of mine in blogworld. She sent me a card and an elegant purse for my birthday. Weee! Thank you so much Rose! She is one the first blogger that I've met, bugging her from time to time when I'm in trouble with my blogs. I am blessed to have met her in blogland as she's one amazing blogger. =) Thank you madam sis! A loving mom and wife, Rose is the author of the following ranked blogs: Etcetera Etcetera, Nostalgic Marveling, Obstacles and Glories and Spice Up Your Life.

I was trying to do some modeling here but my little one reacted to just crop it this way. The bag and the model look good daw in this view. =)

Now, I am excited for the next event!
Wow! I just can't thank you enough. Love loveeeee it so much!!

No Exam Life Insurance

It is hard to think about death but is even harder to think living without life insurance. When death comes unexpectedly, we have nothing to leave to our loves one but struggling and suffering for life. Sometimes the cause of delay of getting an insurance is the processing itself. We always put it off till tomorrow because of the hassle in acquiring requirements and other papers needed to process. Medical examination, series of interview and background check are just some of the requirements in order to get an insurance. But now there's a No Exam Life Insurance and there's no hassle anymore getting one. Processing takes only few minutes and tada! you are now covered with insurance. Isn't that an amazing offer. No matter what country you're in, you can just simply fill out the form online, that easy! Why risk living yourself without insurance when you can have it now. If you really care for your loved ones, then get an insurance today!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

my baby in black

Black is black.. I want my baby black. Here's my entry for Black theme this week. I choose the color black for my new semi-pro. Olympus got two colors, silver and black. I chose black. Do I need to explain why? Simply beautiful!

only case logic for my camera

my semi-pro

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Girls Talk

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rock Toon Fest Grand Fashion Show at MOA

There was a big event yesterday where my kids and I attended, the Rock Toon Fest Grand Fashion Show at MOA. Over 100 young models who won in Toon Fest nationwide rocked the stage with different apparel inspired by their favorite cartoon characters.

Congratulations SM Department Store, SM Mall of Asia for the success of the Rock Toon Fest!

The event started with the parade of hundreds of children accompanied by a parent and these children showcased different brands of apparel. Kids of the blogger had the option to join but my kids only wanted to watch the grand fashion show, so there we just enjoyed the show.
j And for the main fashion event, a kid rock band added the fun as the young models from the
Rock Toon Fest's
Top 20 winners nationwide walked the ramp.
You rock kid!
Cool in sleepwear!
Thanks Nuffnang for the invite and for the gift. My kids and I truly enjoyed the Fashion Show.

Different brand of Children's Wear and Original Cartoon Apparel are available at SM Children's Wear Section of SM Department Store.

Traditional Games

Here in our place, the leader of our community or what we call Barangay Captain had this small project provided for the youth, Table Tennis. Traditional games help them stimulate both mind and body. So every time I pass by the street and see these teenagers playing, I can't help but adore our leader giving this opportunity for teenagers help their mind away from other non sense stuff. Maybe, the other nearby community can do this too. It really helps the youth to divert their mind and turn their lousy hour into something worthwhile.

I want my children to try this game too. Honestly, they are not really aware of any traditional games like Pingpong, Chess or any Table Games. They heard about this game but were not really aware how it is being played. Maybe it is not really their stuff, but I think it is better to at least have them tried any of the games above.

Mcdo! love ko to!

A short post to thank Mcdo! It has already been our usual weekend to order food via McDelivery except yesterday. I went straight at the nearest branch for take out order since I also had to buy something at drugstore nearby. I ordered the following, bigmac, quarter pounder, large fries, chicken nuggets and 2 spaghetti. I added another burger since my little girl only want it plain, no cheese, no veggies. When I reached home, I found out that burger mcdo was missing. When I checked the receipt, it indeed was included in my bill. I called the branch and told them about it. I provided the receipt of my ordered food and in a matter of five minutes, my burger was delivered right at my door step. The friendly delivery man named Royce apologized for what had happened and I was then very thankful for his gesture and quick reply. It pays to pay attention to the customer kaya ngayon mas love na kita talaga. Love ko to!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Enhance Your Beauty

Latest updates from show business mostly came from actors who underwent plastic surgery. I just noticed about one biz personality who just had botox, but now I hardly recognize her face. She's already beautiful even before the surgery and becomes more beautiful after then. If you see her on TV, you definitely will be surprised because the smile that she showed now will make you think she's another actress. She looks so pretty with her genuine personality inside and out.

Today plastic surgery is open not only for showbiz personalities but also for ordinary citizen who wants to enhance more of their beauty. Anyways, I heard that the actress is planning to take her vacation abroad next month. I wonder why, maybe she will leave the country again for another appointment with Cosmetic Surgeon Hawaii. I'll keep this post as a blind item for now to protect her private life. But if she requests me to tag her name in this post, then I will reveal her name. I know that you knew her already, the beautiful actress behind the topic of this post. She's really pretty and got the IT look.

Friday, September 17, 2010

i'm serious mom

when daughter came home from araneta to support the team, she uploaded the photos at once and showed me this pic. "i'm serious mom, i want to join the pep squad next year," she told me while pointing at this girl wearing the pep squad uniform. i just smiled at her and said, "why not. you definitely will look good with this sexy attire!"

rush printing

After canvassing for cheap invitation cards, my two nieces came home yesterday with no exact details on what theme to choose and when to place the order for the card. It's only a week to go for the party and they haven't done anything yet. If they place the order today, they will have to wait for another three days to finish the order for invitation and that's already too late for distribution. Until this very hour, they haven't decided yet on what exact theme to choose for the party.

They told me that the printing house only accept cheap business cards for rush order but not for invitation cards. Invitation card needs more time for details like layout, design and editing job before they put into mass printing. What matters now is time. It just came to my mind to create their own design and print it at home. And why not? They have the option to do it overnight with their own unlimited design and a hassle free job.

Mommy Moments: Grandparents

"Happy Grandparents Day!" I heard this from my two daughters as they greeted their grandpa/ma on that special day last weekend.

My two daughters are lucky to have a very supportive grandparents. My PIL showered them with much love and provide all the support they can give to my two daughters. My two girls are the only grandchildren on their daddy's side and so to say, they are well pampered in everything. They are really blessed to have a very generous grandparents. While in my side, sad to say I became orphan to both mother and father many years ago. The photo above was taken years ago and that's the only photo I can share for now. I just can't find the album with their grandma in my archive.

My share for..

mommy moments

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Looking for Apartment

If you are looking for a new apartment, you must consider everything including community before you finally vow to one that gives you an instant overwhelming sight. What I mean here is, everything around you including the people and the kind of neighborhood that you will encounter everyday. You must conduct a thorough research first before you finally purchase or rent an apartment. You should not focus on the rental fee alone. The distance from your work, hospital, school and other place should be taken into consideration also like finding Wilmington NC apartments. It sure is very tiring process but after looking for different options, there are still new apartments that offer you the best. I know how hard it is to find an apartment as we already moved twice in less than five years. The first that I look for is the community. I just want to live in a place where I can have peace of mind and security.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Custom Closets

Every time my two daughters ask me to buy a new closet, I always reply them the same thing. We don't need it since we only have small space in the house. The truth is, I can't afford to buy one. Closets can be customized so therefore, small space is not the real reason to afford one. It can be customized and minimized based on what design I want for my closet. Only the the price would be the deal to afford the perfect closet in our house unless I have custom closets Richmond, where the price is affordable and they offer a lifetime guarantee on the product. And gee, it is very elegant and that is my exact standard for a perfect closet.

I want a neat and clean look too aside from the custom design to choose. Maybe I should start browsing the site now and ask for design so that when my two girls ask me again, I could say yes to them this time.

You know that you can do it, but you did not make it, because you did not do your best. It's good to be good but t'is better to be best. Had you only studied a little bit harder, you could have made it to the top! Just do your best or regret!

*photo source- internet

Same Passion

It is a click when two different people meet and share the same passion. They talk about the same thing and share the same topic. When people find it hard to find people online, on what site shall he/she looks for a date. There's online community where people of the same passion meet. If you are an equestrian, it is just right to look for equestrian dating site so you could both relate to what life there is in equestrian world. Just the same, when two people are in love, they don't really care much about where they came from and what life they had in the past. It is just a matter of finding the right people in your life. But best is, to follow your heart. I've known a lot of people who end up together and both in love just like a fairy tale who now lived a happy life.

Summer Supplies

Summer is my favorite time of the year no matter how hot the season brings. It is the time where I could relax, wake up later than usual and no stress in reminding and helping my children for their school activities. We all love summer. It is the perfect time where we could unwind and relax under the sun away from the noise of the city. At this early, we already talk about where to spend summer. I want to do trekking or hiking for a change but I doubt if we could do it because of medical condition of my eldest who has asthma and allergy to pollen.

I'm stressed right now and only summer can destress me. But how long shall I wait till it comes. Maybe I should start saving today for extra budget to enjoy summer. Or shall I order rv supplies to get ready for any plans next year. I want our trip to be as ease as possible especially for my kids whether a beach, hiking or overnight camping.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Let me take this chance to thank Kaye, our GT host, for her unique and unbelievably amazing talent for creating web layout and design for my blogs. She's my layout designer for my other blog Thank you so much Kaye from the bottom of my heart for giving life and new look to my blogs.

So for my entry, here's the button of my home blog. I just told her to create header and button and make it as simple as she can and keep the green color which is the original color of my blog and she got exactly what's on my mind. Thank you, thank you so much Kaye!

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Custom Envelopes

My niece will celebrate her birthday next week. She will turn eighteen and that she will be regarded as an adult this time. To be a debutante doesn't mean that one can do whatever he/she wants but an adult who can decide for her own self and has reached the age of maturity.

Today, she prepared list of guest to be invited. She plans to just have a personalized invitation card and custom envelopes for the party. That way, she will save small amount from the budget and the money saved from the invitation will be spent to other miscellaneous expenses. I think she has prepared everything including the dress that she will wear on the day of the event. Her only worries are the invitations. I hope that she gets the cards and envelopes earlier so can distribute it by next week.

Granite Countertops

I love browsing the page online or even in pages of magazine that features beautiful homes. I just love to look at them even if I can't afford to buy right now. I'm impressed with the house that has a unique and rare design. Some houses are just plain finished but the architectural design is quite good and only needs a little upgrading. This is impossible and far from reality right now, but if I buy a house, upgrading the kitchen would be my top priority. A classic granite installed in my kitchen is perfect for me, no doubt of its classic and elegant beauty.

I simply love the house with granite vanity look. With granite countertops Richmond, one will never go wrong having this installed in the kitchen or bathroom sink. Besides, cleaning it up makes easier and it somehow will create a neat look to your kitchen. I think this is getting popular these days, a classic stone with its own beauty that will surely capture your heart.

Venice Piazza

After attending the event at ParenTINtv, we proceeded to Venice Piazza right away which is just about 5-10 minutes away by cab. If I let the chance passed without visiting the place, I sure am won't be able to see the place anymore. I've heard about the Venice inspired mall in Taguig through bloggers and also saw it featured in TV. A replica, Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hills, is a home of finest restaurants that one would surely love and enjoy especially for Italian Food lovers.

Dine in finest restaurants in Little Asia
I am not sure though but I think this is a replica of clock tower in Piazza San Marco. (above)

One staff in Sweet Pea Restaurant told us that the construction of man made Gondola Canal is on going and is expected to finish in three years time. The staff added that one would enjoy the place even more during the day where pigeons are just around roaming on the plaza. A replica maybe, but still the ambiance gave me one exciting moment and an experience that I have visited Venice even in my dream.

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Heating and Air Conditioning

I wonder how it is to live in a country with long winter climate or live in a place where summer seems to be endless. I've experienced it once and I remember when my hands felt numbed that I thought I would not survive the cold winter anymore. My two feet got cold that even with two socks on, cold winter soothes down to my bone. It was only later when I used heater inside my room. I felt I was living in my own home then where fair weather condition is experienced all throughout the year. There's a rainy and dry season but is still bearable to walk bare under the sun.

Some people prefer to live in western countries even if they know the consequence of living in a place with extreme weather condition. These people just love the climate and are used to this kind of season. Hot climate brings discomfort to many people. And this applies to winter too. So even before the winter comes, they check the heater if it is working fine. HVAC Fairfax provides all heating, ventilating and air conditioning need. You never know how cold your winter or how hot your summer can get, so make sure that your heater and air conditioning work well during the season.


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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Fridge

Our refrigerator in the house is already above ten years in the service. If I may compare to human, our refrigerator needs to retire now, too old and has served its purpose already. With this, the motor is not working efficiently anymore and that also caused our electricity bill to become high. This afternoon, I did my grocery shopping and stored frozen food in our refrigerator. I tuned in the right thermostat to check if the fridge is still in good condition. The freezer gets extremely cold in few minutes and quickly freezes the food, but that does not mean that it is working well. This is also a clear sign that the motor needs a repair or the whole fridge needs a replacement already. Maybe there's really a problem considering it has been with us for more than a decade now. I shall check fridge freezers for sale to avail the most affordable price. Or I'll wait till I have enough budget to buy a new one. What do you consider in buying a fridge? Any tips on what particular brand works best? Oh, I forgot I have a very good fridge, still with us and lasts for so many years now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010 Talk Series is the first Philippine online parenting show created and hosted by Christine Bersola Babao. Yesterday was another opportunity for me to attend a ParentinTV Talk Series held at Henry Sy, Sr. Auditorium, St. Lukes Medical Center, Global City. Topics discussed were about Starting a Family and Financial Security, Keeping Our Children Safe and Healthy, and Relationship as Investment.

Here are some of the pictures that I took from the Talk Series.

Mompreneur Fashion Show
Cooking Demo
For the last part, Relationship as Investment, Ma. Isabel O. Sison-Dionisio, A Relationship and Parenting Expert, discussed about Teaching Parents How to Talk about Sex and Relationships.

and Pastor Erwin Amador, on Biblical Parenting.

It's nice to see fellow bloggers again, Pehpot, Chris, and Tetcha and my first time to meet Jes and Yami.

Christine Bersola Babao with guest mom celebrities Gladys Reyes and Nikki Valdez who were there and shared more about their experience being mom and how they invest for their child's future.

Joining this kind of event gave me lots of opportunity, more knowledge on parenting and meeting fellow mommy bloggers.

You can check the highlights and videos of Talk Series at